Travie McCoy Joins Stooshe In “Love Me” Video

Jan 16th, 2012 // 1 Comment

The Gym Class Heroes may want to get their “Ass Back Home,” but at least one member wouldn’t mind staying in the UK for a few days. Travie McCoy joins the three colorful, outrageous ladies who make up Stooshe in the trio’s “Love Me” video, which features the girls as randy hotel employees who engage in some frowned-upon-by-corporate activities with their guests. Why so raunchy? Well, “Love Me” is actually a reworking of Stooshe’s “F*ck Me,” which saw a lower-budgeted (and higher-libidoed) clip emerge last year — but since they’ve signed with Warner Bros., they’ve had to tone it down a notch. Compare the kinda-SFW and the NSFW versions below.

For comparison, here’s the original “F*ck Me” video, featuring a different rapper in the bridge:

What’s your preference?


  1. Stooshe is biting my rhymes, man…! Lol! I oughta take their azzes to court… lol! I, personally, like the book better… (I’m not biased or anyfing) ;-) (

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