Wonder Girls Have A Face-Off With School Gyrls In “The DJ Is Mine” Video

Wonder Girls were the first K-pop act to crack the Hot 100 chart here in the States, with their single “Nobody”. And now they’ve teamed up with School Gyrls (remember them?) for a bit of “The Boy Is Mine”-like competition on “The DJ Is Mine”. Like School Gyrls before them, Wonder Girls are taking the Teen Nick route to fame (The Wonder Girls premieres February 2). At any rate, you might be wondering: with so many gyrls to choose from, who will the DJ pick? Find out below.

The Wonder Girls feat. School Gyrls — “The DJ Is Mine”

Billboard notes that Wonder Girls have been preparing more English music to accompany the soundtrack to their Teen Nick movie. The group told the publication last summer that they were working with songwriter Claude Kelly as well as Nick Jonas on material.

What do you think of their dubstep/dance-pop jam “The DJ Is Mine”?

  • http://www.twitter.com/@tifftaeyeon Tiff Taeyeon

    Love it!

    The song is really catchy, even with the unnecessary addition of the School Gyrls, but the music video is SO bad. All of the Wonder Girls music videos in Korea are so slick and expensive — why is this one so shoddy?

  • http://allnaturalytwashedblipsterbitch.tumblr.com/ Alice

    I think because it was filmed in 3-D when it was converted to 2-D it came out really dark and shabby looking. If you watch fancams of them presenting the video at CES it looks really clear. Obviously not as slick as “Be My Baby” or as whimsical as “Tell Me”, but it does look better than it comes off online.

  • wonderful4ever

    wonder girls Awesome Awesome <3

    i love them so so much <3

    we are Arab fans for wonder girls <3

    love u my wonder girls

    wonder girls mine !

  • clair


  • aori

    wow.. i like the music/video….. love u, WG & SG

  • Jann

    There’s gonna be a premiere on friday at CGV Cinemas on Friday. SO EXCITED.

  • http://snsd87 tiffany hwang

    is a good song