Mike Posner And Black Bear Cover Rick Ross And Drake’s “Stay Schemin”

Thinking of giving up scheming? Well, Mike Posner has some advice for you — don’t. The “Looks Like Sex” singer is back with an acoustic cover of Rick Ross’ “Stay Schemin,” which originally featured Drake. Naturally, the new version is a lot softer-edged than Ricky Rozay and Drizzy’s Rich Forever cut, thanks to a choice word being replaced with “haters” (hint: it starts with “N”) and plenty of ear-pleasing crooning by both Posner and Black Bear. It’s the most sensitive, soulful delivery of “F*ck it, I don’t wanna go to court” you’re likely to hear in this lifetime. Listen below.

Have a comparison with the original video and tell us who continually schemed better — Rick and Drake, or Mike and Black Bear?