Katy Perry Releases Acoustic, Jon Brion-Produced “The One That Got Away”

Katy Perry isn’t quite ready to face that the fact that “The One That Got Away” might just live up to its title, as far as her Teenage Dream singles reaching the #1 position on the Hot 100 go. The soon-to-be-divorced songstress follows up the B.o.B-featuring remix of her forlorn jam with an acoustic version, which was produced by Jon Brion. Unfortunately, the trajectory for “The One That Away”, which peaked at #3, seems to be pointing down, as it’s currently #6 on the chart. Can this rendition turn the ship back around?

This acoustic version has Katy sounding all the more blue, given that Max Martin and Dr. Luke’s glossy production is stripped away and replaced with somber acoustic guitars. And, of course, our collective knowledge of the singer’s current marital woes might have something to do with it, too.

What do you think of the acoustic version of “The One That Got Away”? Worth its 99-cent iTunes price tag?

Teenage Dream is out now on Capitol. Purchase it at eMusic.

  • D

    I loved her acoustic performace of this at the AMAs, so I’m glad to see this was released on iTunes. When I saw it last night in the store I gave it a listen and then downloaded it.

    I imagine this new version will give the song a slight bump, but the song needs a lot more promotion to blast past the top few songs in the Hot 100 right now. With Set Fire to the Rain continuing its climb though, it’ll be tough.

  • D

    Also, if this acoustic version does give the song the push it needs to get to number one, it would be most deserving, as it’s just Katy and no featured rappers. I didn’t mind the Missy Elliot addition to Last Friday Night (although the original is far better), but the B.O.B. version of The One That Got Away does nothing for me. This slower, stripped down solo version is fantastic.

  • danny

    I think she is releasing the toned down version due to her divorce. It’s the perfect breakup song. She probably doesn’t feel so poppy right now and wanted to scale it back.

    Screw being #1 at this point. Deal with your marriage.

  • Justin M.

    Beautiful!! My love for this song just grew immensely! No rappers, just Katy bein’ Katy!

  • Naomi

    Just another attempt from her and her record label to try and get this single to number one…again. Honestly, what makes her record label think that they can push for a sixth number one and beat Michael Jackson’s record? It’s just another money hungry attempt to boost up her image and the record label to get a profit from it. Today’s music industry makes me sick.

  • http://BETTERMOST.NET janicedodd2

    Oh my gosh. This is officially my favorite Katy Perry song. It is wonderful. Just a beautiful song, sung with such beautiful heart. I love love love it.