Adam Lambert Performs “Better Than I Know Myself” On ‘Ellen’

Jan 19th, 2012 // 16 Comments

What — Adam Lambert’s stellar performance of “Better Than I Know Myself” on the Tonight Show didn’t give you enough of a fix? Luckily, you can now satiate your need for the Glam One by taking in his gig on Ellen today. If we have one complaint, it’s that the guy needs to stop sounding so pitch-perfect. We need something to gripe about now and then, Adam! Catch his performance, plus his chat with DeGeneres about his highly-publicized spat with partner Sauli Koskinen in Finland last month, below.

“Everybody has their ups and downs. Things happen,” Adam told Ellen while talking about his fight with Sauli, which led to the two being arrested. “When you add alcohol to a situation, things can get out of control… What happened was, we had too much to drink. We screwed up. There was no injuries, no violence. It was more just childish, foolish messiness.”

Adam discusses his argument with Sauli on Ellen

Adam performs “Better Than I Know Myself” on Ellen

Is it just us, or was this yet another flawless performance by Adam? Let us know below!


  1. Jeezus Adam be more perfect why don’t you? He absolutely nailed that song, it’s hard to believe he hasn’t been performing it for months instead of just two days. His voice is legit stunning!

    Awwwww at how qt he was pointing out his boyfriend! Adorbs. I really appreciate that he first corrected the story that bottom feeder Perez Hilton led the salacious charge on, that there was no punching or violence involved. But then followed up by absolutely taking responsibility for what DID happen, both of them getting way too drunk and acting like idiots. Hah I’ve been there.

    And lol juicing.

  2. carol

    Who hasn’t had a nasty lover’s quarrel at some point? Fortunately, however, most of us don’t have paparazzi documenting our lowest moments in life.

    Looking forward to the new album and love the new, less glam look. He’s prettier without all that stuff.

  3. Linda

    Just when you think he couldn’t sing that song any better than he did on Leno, he takes it straight into the stratosphere. There isn’t a male pop singer out there that even comes close to him. I hope with his new look and his second album more people will take him serious and give him the recognition and respect he deserves. He should be sitting at the top of the charts and cleaning up at awards ceremonies.

  4. HEP.


  5. josey

    Absolutely flawless!!!!! He is flawless in many ways, his look, talent, singing ability, vocal range, Gosh! He is insanely amazsing!!!

  6. Adam Fan

    Adam is genuinely a sweet guy. Who else would point to their “significant other” on TV and say “Hey Babe”. Awww. I melted when he did this. Another flawless performance by him on The Ellen Show today. He has only sung this song twice live now and you surely can’t tell! I’m surprised he doesn’t have more followers. Maybe once his album is released people will discover him. All the media that have heard the album love it. You can buy this song now on iTunes.

  7. glamity58

    It was a great performance. I am truly sick, however, of the arrest and argument incident constantly being brought up. I also can’t believe the Grammys wouldn’t want a singer of this caliber raising the level of performance on their show. I miss the Grammys but don’t intend to watch. The same old people will be on and I’ll be angry with their mediocrity.

  8. glamity58

    I admit that I’m not watching IDOL for the first time this year out of the 10 seasons. Last year’s results put me over the edge. Scotty was just awful and now he’s selling tons of records. America’s tastes shock me. Good looks and religion win again, not talent. It will never be the same as the season with Adam.

  9. RedRoseQueen1

    Absolute PERFECTION. It doesn’t get any better than Adam Lambert…”yeah that’s the truth” Thank You! ;D

  10. Angel


  11. Brian Katz

    The last 3 years of IDOL talent lost to something that I do not know what.

    Kris Allen over Adam Lambert made absolutely no sense at all unless cheating or pre arranged outcome was involved.

    Lee DeWyze over Crystal Bowersox. She was awesome too and Lee DeWyze went on to win and then become the proud owner of a new record……..That being the lowest selling IDOL ever.

    Then last year Scott McCreery sounded the same every single week and the judges praised him for staying true to himself when others were criticized for doing the same.

    Idol certainly is not about the talent anymore.

  12. Judy

    Maybe once or twice in a lifetime someone like Adam comes along and absolutely astounds with vocals so perfect that it blows your mind ! Add to that his gorgeous good looks and mesmerizing stage presence and you have that one in a million artist in Adam Lambert ! Stunning performance in every sense of the word !

    • Luz

      The forst time I saw Adam in Idol I could not believe my eyes. This gorgeous man who looked like the son of Elvis Presley. When he sang I called my sister who was working and told her to not miss seing Idol since she would not believe how stunning this young man was. Well, she saw the show and immediately became a fan of Adam. I did not miss a show. There was no one there who could sing better. When Adam lost, I was flabbergasted. I still do not beleive that Kris won. Adam is one special person. Drop dead gorgeous and has that fascinating voice. He is also very charismatic and deserves his success. Adam is now the best male singer ever!

  13. Jess

    Adam singing is perfection joy passion u get it all rolled up. I clapped so hard when he finished I scared my family!

  14. This song gets better-er with each listen. I love ADAM’s ‘Live’ performances even more than the single release. ADAM has the ability to RE-invent his music each time he performs it. With ADAM it is NEVER status quo … each performance is fresh & new. I thought I liked ADAM on Leno … he was Superb there too … but I think I liked this performance more. He seemed so in tune with the song … so much more at ease. I can’t wait for ADAM’s new Masterpiece *TRESPASSING* … March 20th seems like light years away. I’m so PROUD to be a Glambert!!


  15. Anonymous

    Adam nailed this performance! No surprise there.

    Looking forward to his new album ‘Trespassing’; I’m counting the days!

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