Nicki Minaj’s Weird Faces Kicked Up A Notch In “Stupid Hoe” Video

Hype Williams and Nicki Minaj took the kitchen sink approach when it came to filming Nicki’s video for her single “Stupid Hoe”. In the epilepsy-inducing clip (seriously, our eyes hurt), Nicki goes “She Wolf” in a cage, strikes a bunch of advanced yoga poses, sits in her hot pink Barbie-mobile, and mostly avoids eye contact. When she does look right into the camera, we certainly can’t look away — except for one particular moment when she turns Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” Anime-eyes into the stuff nightmares are made of.

Nicki Minaj — “Stupid Hoe”

Nicki’s sophomore album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded has been delayed and will now drop April 3, while this video makes us feel like we just dropped acid.

  • Cornball Clone

    Um,Have a seat #StupidHo3 _/ !!!! She’s got about 7 minutes left.

  • John

    Garbage! Pure garbage!

  • OpinionDistributor

    This is just ridiculous! Girl sit thee down

  • danny

    Replace “stupid hoe” with anything else. Quality lyrics. LOL

  • Junior

    Stupidiest video ever….

  • Joshua Smith

    well i liked it

  • NO WAY

    Grown As* woman this isnt cute, hot, nor entertainment SORRY! Who authorized this shhhh, its an insult too the public like we that “Name Struck” she can relase sh*t and we eat it up NOPE dear!