Seal And Heidi Klum To File For Divorce

Heidi Klum is about to say her most poignant “Auf Wiedersehen” yet. Following the sad news of Katy Perry’s short-lived marriage with Russell Brand coming to an end, the Project Runway beauty and her musician hubby Seal have decided that they can no longer, in the immortal words of co-host Tim Gunn, “make it work” (citing irreconcilable differences). This follows a seven-year marriage and three children together. Please join us in a listen to Seal’s Batman Forever soundtrack weepie “Kiss From A Rose” in memorium below.

(Photo via FayesVision/

  • whaddayaexpect?

    Seal has far much talent to have settled for this self-adoring,talentless wench in the first place.He probably walked between her and a mirror too many times.Heidi Klum should marry herself or one of her bubble-headed fans that think she actually matters.She is just lingerie filler.Move on Seal.There’s a whole world out there that appreciates you.Heidi will get hers.Gravity will finish her off soon enough.

  • Diana Martinez

    I didn’t follow what really happened between them but whatever it is, hope they can still work it out or something. 7 years and with 3 children is no joke. I always thought that they were too in love with each other and I don’t want it to change.