Kid Cudi Conjures ‘WZRD’ Track List

We may not be getting WZRD by the end of the month as originally hoped, but at least Kid Cudi and Dot Da Genius are giving us something to tide us over until February 28. The duo has revealed the ten-song track listing for the highly-anticipated collaboration, featuring “Teleport 2 Me” and “Brake,” which we’ve already heard, along with eight tunes we haven’t. Our favorite of the upcoming tracks is the tongue-in-cheek “High Off Life,” a playful reminder of Mr. Mescudi’s abstinence from more tangible and illicit highs. Catch the track list below. 1. The Arrival 2. High Off Life 3. The Dream Time Machine 4. Love Hard 5. Live & Learn 6. Brake 7. Teleport 2 Me, Jamie feat. Desire 8. Where Did You Sleep Last Night 9. Efflictim 10. The Upper Room

Are you looking forward to WZRD?