Steven Tyler’s National Anthem: Worse Than Lana Del Rey’s ‘SNL’ Performance?

Alright, alright — we won’t say American Idol judge Steven Tyler’s a cappella rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” during yesterday’s New England Patriots vs. Baltimore Ravens championship game was horrifying. We’ll just note that, based on the reactions coming out of some corners of the Internet, the Aerosmith frontman may have finally taken the heat off poor Lana Del Rey after her divisive SNL performance two weekends ago. Watch Tyler’s attempt to make the country proud below, and decide if he should be given a golden ticket or yanked off the field by a cane.

Perhaps fellow Idol-associated singer Kelly Clarkson can redeem America when she belts out the notoriously difficult National Anthem at the Super Bowl next month.

  • D.Scott

    Lol, it was not great… He is a judge on a popular singing competition, no? “Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” was the jam back in the day, though haha

  • alp

    What was bad about it? That’s his style of singing and let’s face it the national anthem isn’t the coolest song to sing. Put a couple guitars, drums, bass and an orchestra behind him and this would sound awesome. It’s all relative. No comparison to Lana Del Rey’s performance.

  • John

    And people LOVE this man, but criticize Lana so much? Wow….

  • http://Idolator Trish

    Hey that’s Tyler. Gotta love him!

  • Kay

    At least he knew all the words! I don’t think he sounded that bad actually.

  • Di

    He knew all the words, and I do not think it was that bad, Any way It was pure Tyler, and as my daughter would say, that can never be bad.

  • Xiores

    Steven Tyler’s own band ” Aerosmith” kicked his druggie arse out of the band. Ban him
    from any sporting event.

    What a sorry excuse for a singer. He probably couldn’t sing Mary had a little lamb in tune. as he stays wasted half the time. He’s brain dead.

  • tim

    hey xiores
    i can only guess you are jonesen for whatever you’re on
    get a life dickhead

  • Xiores

    Tim ,I got a life.Go sing the National anthem. I would assume you and a dog howling at the moon and even you sound better than Steven Tyler. Hope your son grows up to be just like him as he is you idol. Theres a real dickhead