K’naan & Nelly Furtado Wonder “Is Anybody Out There” On New Single

It has been more than a minute — nearly six years, in fact — since Nelly Furtado released an album full of radio-friendly pop tracks. And until this summer rolls around, when she’s supposedly going to bring out her next LP, T.S.I., we can at least tide ourselves over with “Is Anybody Out There”, her collaboration with K’naan for his new EP More Beautiful Than Silence (out tomorrow). Yes, Nelly — there are people out here, and they’re waiting for your new jams. So haul it!

The uplifting “Is Anybody Out There” boasts both a playful rap from “Wavin’ Flag” hitmaker K’naan and a sing-song chorus from Furtado. “This is for everyone who’s ever felt invisible, lonely in a crowded room,” the songstress declares.

Thanks for having our back, Nelly!

What do you think of “Is Anybody Out There”? Can you see it becoming a hit for K’naan and Nelly ahead of the release of her new album?

  • http://dssence.net D.Scott

    Feelin this one. And where has Nelly been?

  • alex

    Its already gotten my attention. I like it. Granted, I wish Nelly Furtado’s voice wasn’t so whiny.

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  • Bob

    This song is a really good song to listen to when your feeling sad or you’ve been put down by someone !!!!
    I love You Nelly !