Darren Criss Makes Big Bucks For Broadway’s ‘How To Succeed In Business’

As if you weren’t already aware that Darren Criss’ star power has eclipsed most if not all of his Glee castmates: on Sunday, Darren made his final performance playing J. Pierrepont Finch in the musical How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying, and he proved quite a box-office hit during his three weeks on Broadway. The show earned approximately $1.3 million per week Criss took the stage, giving the musical three of its most lucrative weeks during its 11-month run.

During his final curtain call, Criss thanked the cast and crew for welcoming him to the show and how much it’s meant to him, and even teared up while saying goodbye to his time on Broadway.

Nick Jonas, who has an extensive background in musical theater in addition to pop stardom, will take Criss’ place next in the revival’s lead role originated by Lana Del Rey-supporter Daniel Radcliffe.

[Via EW Music Mix]

  • Stop

    Please get off his dick. It was a 3 week gig and all the fan girls rushed to see. hm. If his 8 month on the stage was still doing that than you may have a case. You have no idea how the other people’s out side work was effected buy their presence. Maybe You are number 4 wouldn’t have sold anything without Dianna.

    Plus why has Darren itune songs are down when he doesn’t have the Warbles and their arrangement as back up. This guy is a decent performer but he certainly isn’t the most talented of the cast. Guy is even a very good actor.

  • SMH

    LOL. Darren Criss has not eclipsed most of his cast mates. Good try, though.

  • Mary

    What a load of crap. I weep for B-way.

  • Keith M

    Becky Bain is a fan girl with little taste.

  • Regina

    Eclipsed his cast mates. Eclipsed. His cast mates. This is why Darren fangirls are literally the worst people. I think I just rolled my eyes so hard they loosened from their sockets.

  • Nah

    This writer should fall of a cliff and take Darren with them. Way to disrespect a talented cast just to prop up Darren Criss, who only succeeds at getting teenage fans. The only award he’ll ever win is a Teenage Choice Award, and this gig was stunt casting at its finest. He was there for three weeks, giving his fans a limited time to see him. And some lame teeny boppers were buying tickets for every show. Call me when he can sustain a year at that pace. Ooops – his weak voice would blow out before he ever reached that point.

  • pbm

    call me when criss gets something better than wet teenage panties buying up all those tickets

  • stay pressed

    Awww look at all these poor haters. You seem real upset. Continue to sit bitter and impotent at your computers while Darren Criss continues to succeed by really, really trying, on top of having tons of talent and charisma and that x factor you sorely lack. I guess you’re calling Stephen Fry and Alan Cumming silly teen fangirls, huh? Sorry for your troubles, but this guy is a star and you’d better get used to it, because he’s not going anywhere.
    All of the Glee cast is awesome, but there’s no denying that Criss is probably one of the best known outside of the Glee fandom, and especially outside of your butthurt corner of said fandom, and he has only just begun. Stop sneering at his well-deserved success because it makes you look pathetic and petty, and I’m sure your faves, you know, the other members of the Glee cast who are his FRIENDS would think you’re full of crap, too.
    God, it must be tough being a Darren Criss hater, but I don’t feel bad for you at all. If you focused your energies on something other than hate, maybe you wouldn’t be so enraged by the sight of his name.

  • jeremy

    I thought he was great, I really loved Daniel Radcliffe as Finch, but there was just something to how Darren Criss portrayed him. I’m so glad I got to see him on his first expedition on Broadway. I hope he gets to come back again, maybe even with a new musical that he had a hand in penning the music for.

    I didn’t mind some of the overzealous fans, as this was probably one of the first shows they saw on Broadway, a pretty great introduction with an amazing cast, music and choreography.

  • abc

    Maybe next time he’s on Broadway, he’ll get reviewed by an actual Broadway critic instead of getting treated with kid gloves.

  • abc

    Friends? Is that why Kevin McHale went to go see Book of Mormon on Sunday instead of Darren’s last show? ;)

  • diamona

    I was a little dubious about Darren Criss on Broadway as his attempts at West Side Story songs on Glee weren’t all that good. This was a golden opportunity for him though and it’s good to see he’s stepped up to the challenge. I do believe Darren is talented and will go on to greater things once his time on Glee is over.

    It is, however, a little rude to put down the rest of the Glee cast in such a dismissive manner. If Lea Michele were to have a similar limited run on Broadway, I can see her doing as well as Darren or even better. You’ll certainly see her on more magazines than Darren as well as all the style and fashion shows. Jane Lynch, host of last year’s Emmy’s is still more famous than Darren and that’s not likely to change unless he breaks into film or gets his own show. This time last year Chris Colfer was fresh off a Golden Globe win and his star was shining very bright. Right now, Darren is looking pretty special but many people out there in TV land really don’t pay attention to what is going on on Broadway. I just think that it really is far too soon to annoint Darren Criss as the biggest star on Glee.

  • WTF

    LOL You’re joking, right? Right? Sure, multiple Emmy, Golden Globe, SAG and other award nominations/wins by the “eclipsed” cast mean nothing in comparison to a 3 week stunt casting for quick, easy cash. His little stint did exactly what the producers wanted it to- made a quick load of money by catering to screaming fangirls,many of whom behaved abysmally, seeing the show multiple times. Newsflash: only the pink-sunglasses-wearing, warbler-shirt-adorned teens and tweens, or the sycophants, such as yourself, would ever say that Darren’s “star power” eclipses anyone.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Pei-Gilbert/100001515590994 Pei Gilbert

    Let talk about this five years after Glee has ended. You can never know which member of the cast will become more famous after a successful TV show ends.

  • Mica

    lol okay “stay pressed”. You sound like you should be reblogging crisscolfer manips on tumblr or making posts about how many “proud mama feels” you have, just like every other teenage Blarren fangirl.

  • gd

    I Am Number Four didn’t sell anything WITH Dianna. Get a grip.

  • Charcus

    LOL Mica bitter much, is Darren’s succes such a thorn in your side that you start acting like a spiteful child.