Adam Lambert Reveals ‘Trespassing’ Album Cover

After staring at us from space on the intergalactic cover art for his debut album For Your Entertainment, Adam Lambert once again locks eyes with us on the cover art for his sophomore release, Trespassing (out March 20). The singer tweeted his LP cover late Monday night, adding that he is both the executive producer and creative director of his latest album. (Lee Cherry, responsible for this gorgeous Glambert photoshoot, is the LP’s art director and photographer.) What do you think of the fierce face Adam’s rocking in this pic? Tell us below, and keep an eye out for our upcoming interview with the pop star!

  • mstj55

    I love the cover, simply done. Adam and his hypnotizing eyes!

  • Linda Jean

    I love this cover!!

  • pr63

    is this man gorgeous, or what!!

  • TLKC

    KEWL! Yes, I like it. A 180 degree turn from the cover of FYE. The only unsurprising thing about Adam is that he always surprises.

  • Mia

    That looks so amazing! Honest, sexy, mysterious, dangerous, sweet-natured :)

  • tess4ADAM

    What an album cover!! It says “Take me home … I Dare You!!” … I D.A.R.E.!!!

  • Evan

    Tbh, I think the cover is kind of cheesy. Looks like their artistic inspiration was the Tonka truck brand. There’s nothing wrong with the photo, I just don’t like the cover art. And hopefully the rest of the songs on the album are better than “Better Than I Know Myself”. He should be demanding better material.

    • Sharon Miller Sullivan

      There is something wrong with your sight and hearing honey if you think the cover art is cheezy and the song BTIKM is that good. You are obviously not a fan of Adam or you wouldn’t post such nonsense. Go over to someone’s else’s article on Adam and spew your hate on them.

  • Fan4me

    UI like the album cover! Its very big and in your face and serious.

  • Richard Craig Morales

    That retoucher made him look normal for once… best look in a while but still kind of a creeper.

    • Sharon Miller Sullivan

      You would know creeper.

  • vanhaelstjohnson

    Breathtaking! Always brings about some opposing comments….I just say, this honest face is saying come on in to my reality!

  • kat23

    how is that creepy…he is beautiful…

  • kat23

    omg….haters just get a grip and check your hearing…better than I know myself is amazing…and this cover is drop dead gorgeous….Why are you here if you are not a fan…??

  • Evan

    @kat23 First of all, you don’t have to be a fan to comment on something. Second of all, disliking an album’s cover art does not automatically make you a hater ( I love Lady Gaga, but I was disappointed with the album cover for Born This Way). Third, I do not need to check my hearing, thank you very much. Adam Lambert has a great voice, but “Better Than I Know Myself” is NOT an amazing song. It is a mediocre to OK song, IMO (Before you jump me, mediocre does not mean bad or awful, mind you. It just could be a lot better.). Finally, you are entitled to your opinion, but you need to grow up and take reading comprehension courses before immediately calling me a hater and telling me to check my hearing. I wouldn’t have written “He should be demanding better material.” if I didn’t think he had a good voice.

    • Sharon Miller Sullivan

      Just go away hater.

  • Laura Corn

    The cover is awesome, as is Adam Lambert. If you don’t like it or him, why bother to comment.

  • Anna Zarbano

    Adam Lambert is devastatingly handsome! I love the cover art for his new album Trespassing! ♥

  • Gwen Trump

    i can’t wait for it to come out! i love the album cover but i liked FYE’s better… but Adam just screams sexyness how could anyone hate him(like most people i know)?