Rihanna Tweets Her New Tattoos (PHOTOS)

Jan 25th, 2012 // 8 Comments

Rihanna may be fresh off of her Hawaiian vacation (or as we call it “RiRi’s Bikini Photo Bonanza 2012″), but that doesn’t mean the Barbados beauty has had her fill of fun times just yet. The Queen Of YouTube dropped by Mark Mahoney’s Shamrock Shack tattoo parlor in L.A. to get herself more ink last night. The upcoming Grammy performer tweeted pics to fans of both her new invisible “Thug Life” knuckle tatts in honor of 2Pac, and what we’re assuming (based on her lyrical Drizzy tweet) is an homage to Drake’s “Free Spirit” on her lower back. Click through for a look at the pop star’s latest body designs and let us know below (or on Facebook and Twitter) if you’re feeling Rihanna’s new tattoos.


  1. Commented on this photo:

    Her forehead is huge.

  2. Commented on this photo:

    yea you is such a….

  3. alp
    Commented on this photo:

    Man, I love Rihanna, but damn give it a rest already. We don’t really care to see what you’re doing every second of every day. Be more sporadic on the crappy cell phones photos you take. It’s getting old fast.

  4. tamms
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    i love rihanna too–btw her forehead only looks big because of the camera angle–duh!!

  5. Bash
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    Nice one

  6. Bash
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    Rihanna, i love you so much baby kiss kiss kisss

  7. Sexy Relly
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    No her forehead not big! Dat bitch humongous!!! And it’s not da angle of da camera it’s really her head!! DUHH

  8. Forrest Connelley
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