James Durbin Premieres Two New Videos For “Stand Up”

Jan 25th, 2012 // 1 Comment

So far on this season of American Idol, we have yet to find this year’s answer to Season 10′s James Durbin, who had pretty much everything one looks for in a finalist: miles of personality, a tear-jerking sob story, a sense of style — and oh yeah, killer pipes. Durbin’s new single, “Stand Up”, is included on both his debut album Memories Of A Beautiful Disaster and the Official Gameday NFL Music compilation, which explains why he decided to shoot two versions — one in his typical rock garb, the other featuring him and his band wearing football jerseys. Watch both vids below.

James Durbin – “Stand Up”

Above is the original, and here’s the “Sports Version”, which is currently played on jumbotrons as an NFL anthem.

“It’s a pipe dream to be the anthem for the NFL,” Durbin told ESPN.com. “‘Stand Up’ is just what it says, it’s that song to get you pumped. It’s the fun, get the f— out of your seat kind of song.”

James Durbin – “Stand Up” (Sports Version)

Which version of Durbin’s new video do you prefer?


  1. Judith Keene

    I love both of James new videos! It is so wonderful to hear a fresh new sound on the blah boring music scene! I am 58 yrs old and i loved the great rock pop music of the 60s. Groups like the Grass Roots, Steppenwolf, The Hollies, CCR! James reminds me of this wonderful music, the likes of which would be great to bring back to the mainstream! I bought his cd MOABD and i love every song on it! Its the first cd ive bought since the heavy metal of the 80s! There hasnt been hardly anything worth buying since that period, that i can get into. Rock music these days is blah, boring and it all sounds the same. I really admire James for what he is trying to do. It takes a lot of guts to put his whole career on the line and try to bring about change instead of just going along with the status quo! Rock on, James!!!

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