Ruben Studdard’s “June 28th (I’m Single)” Video Is A Heartbreaker

Jan 26th, 2012 // 2 Comments

Poor Ruben Studdard. His divorce inspired his lead Letters From Birmingham (out March 11) offering “June 28th (I’m Single)”, and despite the fact that he’s letting all the ladies know he’s back on the market, he still seems pretty broken up. (Check the words “I miss you” written in the sand at the very end of the song’s video.) Sure, the Velvet Teddybear’s clip lacks in high production values. But the Season 2 American Idol champ makes up for that with heart. Watch below!

Ruben Studdard — ”June 28th (I’m Single)”


  1. Shanta

    Reuben I love this song : ) And I want be scared to speak : )

  2. ELH

    Yo, I am no Ruben fan, but this song is HOT. Thanks Steve Harvey for playing sing on the air a week ago. This one I will buy.

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