Whatcha Say: Madonna’s Super Bowl Performance Lineup Had Readers Heated up

Believe it or not, there was more going on this week that had nada to do with Lana Del Rey — Madonna’s Super Bowl show got a shuffin’ upgrade with LMFAO (and possibly Cee Lo Green?); Adam Lambert gave serious fierce face on his Trespassing album cover; and Miley Cyrus surprised us all with a mature cover of a Bob Dylan song. Find out what else had everybody talking in today’s Whatcha Say comment round-up!

:: Our readers were not happy (to say the least) when it was confirmed by will.i.am that LMFAO would be joining Madonna during her halftime performance. Justin M is hoping that this new addition is simply a rumor: “OH NO. I pray this isn’t true! LMFAO will ruin everything!!!!! Madonna… you don’t need them!!!!!”

:: John was caught reminiscing on the past: “Nicki ‘Stupid Hoe’ Minaj and LMFAO? Madonna, remember the time when u did classy and artistic stuff!”

:: Kel thinks too many performers will be a disaster for the Super Bowl halftime show: “Why couldn’t they get Lady Gaga to do it. I am sorry but that us WAAY too many singers and LMFAO does the same stupid party schtick in every performance.”

:: Our readers were pleased with Miley’s rendition of Bob Dylan’s “You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go.” Vinny A wishes the singer a successful future: “Surprisingly very nice. Good backup musicianship. Steel guitar gives it the true country feel and Miley hits it out of the park ! Hope she moves to become a good mature serious young artist and leaves the Brittany, Christina crap in her past.”

:: While Thomas hopes this isn’t the last time we hear this side of the former Disney star: “People can say what they want but as far as mainstream pop albums go, Can’t Be Tamed was a masterpiece. This, however, is the kind of album I want from her.Beautiful.”

:: Stephen5 believed the pop stars beauty shines through the otherwise dark and dingy video: “She displays the tremendous power and versatility of her voice as its soft vibrato/tremolo sweeps over you like a summer wind. Moreover, we get a glimpse of her inner self, her personality and her intimate world of feelings on love and life. She knows us Miley has soul, depth and empathy.”

:: Mia was thrilled with Adam’s Trespassing album cover: “That looks so amazing! Honest, sexy, mysterious, dangerous, sweet-natured”.

:: On the other hand, Evan was not impressed that the cover art reminded him of a toy truck: “Tbh, I think the cover is kind of cheesy. Looks like their artistic inspiration was the Tonka truck brand. There’s nothing wrong with the photo, I just don’t like the cover art. And hopefully the rest of the songs on the album are better than “Better Than I Know Myself”. He should be demanding better material.

:: tess4ADAM thinks Adam’s sultry eyes are just begging her to purchase his new album: “What an album cover!! It says “Take me home… I Dare You!!” … I D.A.R.E.!!!”

:: alp questioned what made people think Steven Tyler’s version of the national anthem was considered the worst performance: “What was bad about it? That’s his style of singing and let’s face it the national anthem isn’t the coolest song to sing. Put a couple guitars, drums, bass, and an orchestra behind him and this would sound awesome. It’s all relative.

:: Kay applauded the American Idol judge: :”At least he knew all the words! I don’t think he sounded that bad actually.”

:: And even though the National Anthem is considered among the hardest song to sing, Xlores still questioned Steven’s singing abilities: “What a sorry excuse for a singer. He probably couldn’t sing Mary had a little lamb in tune.”

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  • http://google kittykat

    On that poll over on the side Pop or Flop, I just started watching AI this week and it was great I am hooked already. I also love Adam Lambert’s cover art and his new single Better than I Know Myself.

  • http://idolator.com Jason

    Adam’s album cover and cover art are amazing. Also really love “Better than I know Myself. Great song.

  • lb

    sorry, don’t really care what else is going on- Just love adam lambert!! Madonna’s o.k for superbowl half-time. Kelly clarkson’s o.k with national anthiem (2ND CHOICE btw) Much rather see adam than anyone else!! My opinion and I’ m sticking to it. Wake up america to the best male vocalist /performer we have!!!

  • lb

    O.K. please after reading this article , this is NOT the AMA, ‘s or top hits that are played over and over again. Can we hear real talent for once and not hear this crap we are subjected to every every show ect. Adam Lambert is the only artist that can sing live and would blow everyon e else away. i was excited for superbowl entertainment, not anymore, same old same old Geez- america step it up please!!!

  • Kirsten

    NBC pushed lmfao on to Madonna, it was not her choice. same with the person who judges at the voice. they are all linked to NBC. thats why. hopefully madonna will keep full creative control and perhaps ridicule lmfao or something like that.