Lady Gaga To Perform At Grammys, May Drop “Heavy Metal Lover” As A Single

According to a post over at Oh No They Didn’t (which sources a French music site), Lady Gaga will not only perform at the Grammys next month, but she’s set to drop yet another single from Born This Way — and, rejoice Little Monsters, because it’s fan favorite “Heavy Metal Lover”, which the pop star recently performed during her gig on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. But hold tight, there’s still reason to wonder.

Not only did we call the electro-sizzle of a dance tune one of the best non-singles of 2011 (guess we’ll have to update that status!), we thought it was one of the highlights of Gaga’s entire Born This Way era the moment we first heard it. Gaga reportedly chose the song because she ”wants to make fans dance and sweat all around the world.”

We’re on board. Besides “Scheiβe”, this is the next best choice for another single, as the rest of the tracks on Born This Way may just be a little too crazy to make an impact on its own. Can you say “I want your whiskey mouth all over my blonde south” on the radio, though?

Maybe not. In a new Billboard Q&A, an unnamed executive from Gaga’s label said he “is not aware of any current plans for another single from the album.” So the report of “Heavy Metal Lover”‘s release may not be iron-clad after all. For the moment, we’ll just have to look forward to Gaga’s Grammy performance.

  • g9

    Ugh, I had hoped she wouldn’t perform this year. Gaga overload.

  • Chris

    Ugh, bitch’s tired. Some1 pull the plug on this hag already…

  • Dustin Farmer

    I’m very excited about this. Hope she makes a video too… it will be insane.

  • chrisd

    just please get a real director for the video this time…

  • MusicLvr

    this is a really good song. I hope it does well on the charts tho, its a shame Marry The Night didnt.

  • Xcaliver

    Finally a good single choice..but is too late?

  • E

    Yes ! one of the best tracks on the album along with Black Jesus/Amen Fashion. Wish she would get Francis Lawrence to direct the video.

  • Diego

    pressed ho.

  • Diego

    Anyway, I can’t wait to hear this on the radio. Mmm

  • Richard Craig Morales

    Fuuuuucccccccccckkkk YaahhhhhH!!!!!!!

  • Raaj Roy

    its “I want your whiskey mouth all over my blonde self”
    and why not on radio ?
    Rihannas Sex & Man aka S&M was also in radio right ?

    • Dan Allen

      Hahaha no it’s ‘Blonde South’ look at the lyric book before you so confidently comment. And ‘S&M’ stands for ‘Sadomasochism’… look it up. Just please stop

  • shailesh from top hindi songs

    Long tym after she actually sung some classics,
    still not impressed though…..

  • Kevin

    @Raaj Roy I just heard the song, and she definitely says “south”

  • Garrett

    I HATE THIS SONG!!!! I DONT GET THE APPEAL AT ALL!!!!! i wish “hair” or “fashion of his love” would be a single or even “The Queen”, normal pop songs!!! This is like Judas all over again

  • MJforever

    Knowing how Marry the Night has underperformed, this will most likely be her lowest point to date. I hope she changes her sound for her next album, because her stuff is starting to get very annoying.

    PS Besides changing her sound, she should also take a more ORIGINAL direction! It’s all be done b4.

  • Evan

    This is one of the better songs off of Born This Way, but it’s not as good as “Scheiβe”, which I think would do better on the charts. In fact, “Scheiβe” should have been the 2nd single instead of “Judas”. It would have made for a great second single. It also shows off her voice unlike the purposefully autotuned “Heavy Metal Lover” and with Adele being so popular, it seems like people are tired of autotune. I wish I were Gaga’s manager or advisor. ;)

  • Evan

    And I agree with the commenter who said that she should hire Francis Lawrence again. Bad Romance is still her best video (and song imo) and it’s one of the few modern music videos that can compete with the best of the likes of MJ, Madonna and Janet.

  • ptizzy

    Yay, but I still want Fashion of Love to become a single as well. Idgaf, that Whitney Houston throwback is my jam.

  • Sterling Sonnenburg

    I would say no more singles from Born This Way, they very unqiue and amazing but I say just wait for a single from the next album, although a video for heavy metal lover or schiebe would be amazing, kinda like for eh eh or beautiful dirty rich, they weren’t officially singles in the U.S. but still had a vid! I can’t wait for her next album, people who say she is over are so wrong, her next album is going to have Elton John and possibly Cher, so excited!

  • Xcaliver

    That’s why LMFAO are topping the charts

  • Janet Jackson

    OKAY Enough of the MADONNA DRAG ACT! Now that the REAL MADONNA is releasing an album this year we all are just over this Tranny from hell!!! She is so gross now! WTF Seriously this bitch needs to go overload on xanax and vodka in a hotel thats the only way she is gonna stay famous for 30+ years!

    • Cheryl Helm

      Oh puh-leeze, the “tranny” schtick is so old and worn out. Nobody but losers thinks she’s a man; everyone else has eyes to see and knows that Gaga is and has always been female. As for Madonna’s first album? The lead single is a ripoff of the song ‘Bohemian Like You’ by the Dandy Warhols…same chords, same melody, just different lyrics that are ridiculously egocentric. Cheerleaders chanting her name over and over again, rhymed with “you wanna”? Really Madonna? And you want us to take you seriously?

      And the fire escape scene in the GMAYL video? Lifted from Gaga’s video for The Edge of Glory, including some of the choreography.

      The Isis headpiece in the opening of Madonna’s Super Bowl show is very similar to a headpiece Gaga wore her 2009 tour, except that Gaga wore sculpted gold body armor to match her headpiece while Madonna just wore a gold cape over a toga-like outfit; Madonna even used Gaga’s primary headpiece/hat designer, Philip Treacy, to design her headpiece.

      There’s a lot of copying going on here, and Madonna is the one doing it. It’s no wonder they used to call her ‘The Great Appropriator’ because that’s what she does…appropriates the work, songs and imagery of other people and reworks it just a little bit and calls it her own. That’s why she’s lost so many copyright infringement lawsuits.

  • Flower

    I was backstage working at a show and overheard her call someone fat in the front row and then she said that she was performing at Nokia the following month and was concerned that her fans would get beat up by all the “NiG*ers in the area” She is a racist freak!

    • Cheryl Helm

      You’re lying. The man who signed her and got her to Interscope (Akon) is Black. Most of her management team is Black. Most of her key dancers are Black. She was bullied for her weight in high school and would never ridicule someone else for theirs. The only people who work backstage at her shows are part of the 120-person team that travels with her, and YOU don’t work for Gaga. You Lie!

  • Evan

    @Flower – Don’t believe it. How could she be racist if she’s friends with Beyonce, Jay-Z, Oprah, Whoopi Goldberg and Will Smith’s family among others AND her ex-choreographer of 3-4 years, Laurieann Gibson, is black. Not to mention Akon signed her,her manager Troy Carter is black, she has black dancers and back-up singers and she’s worked with Rodney Jerkins, a black producer.

  • weu

    i hope gaga calls back either akurland or francis lawrence
    i doubt she will perform thought those are just rumors

  • weu

    exactly its all been done before there is no such thing as original…
    art is recycled nothing new is coming out from anybody

  • weu

    haha gaga racist… no most of her close friends and most of her team are made up of minorities…

  • weu

    why are madonna stans so threatened by gaga if you dont like her you shouldn’t be following her and commenting on all her videos and articles
    i like madonna too and seriously there is not need to spew hate