Christina Aguilera Tributes Etta James With “At Last” At Her Funeral

Jan 28th, 2012 // 17 Comments

Christina Aguilera already made our list of the top 10 Etta James covers to honor her memory, but we must say, the body-confident diva has outdone herself by performing at the soulful legend’s funeral. One week after her passing, today mourners gathered to remember the late great, and of course, the most fitting tribute of all for the four-time Grammy-winning icon is a musical one — thus performances from Christina Aguilera and Stevie Wonder were amongst the remembrances. Catch Xtina’s heartfelt performance below.

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  1. billy

    She did it very heartfelt and emotional. You can tell she wanted to cry but she kept on it was brillant. It was like Etta was in her. Not many performers that can make me cry but Christina made cry and feel the song she sang today. RIP Etta

  2. I think she did an absolute AMAZING job with the song but she was way over-the-top dramatic with everything else. Such an actress!

  3. nicole

    christina aguilera is the world greatest singer! and this song is just amazing. her voice is touching. amazing choice in this song for etta james ! RIP<3!

  4. Kirsaha

    She was pissing??

  5. Jess

    Did I watch the same performance as the rest of you, because this was terrible?

  6. Love her, but the performance was overkill as usual. Something A LOT less toned down would have been more appropriate. SMH.

  7. Xadax

    Did more justice than the snoozefest version of Beyonce.

  8. LovemehatemeSjandrawesme

    I don’t think it’s blood or urin. Blood is thick and urin isn’t dark brown/grey…. I think it was warm in there and she started sweating her tanner of… Either way embarrassing… Xtina just can’t catch a break! As for her performance she nailed but Etta’s still the master!

  9. UKgues

    @ Jess – I totally agree with you. Great voice but awful song stylist!

  10. metal

    etta reincarnated madonna can sing her assets off

  11. MerrySunshinePgh

    The contetant from America Got Talent should of sung the song. Here is a link of the song sung by the contestant.

  12. Aroame

    It was awful! I don’t like how she sing; it’s bad

  13. Oliver

    Nobody can touch the original… but Christina is the only person that could give justice for the original. Very heartfelt and it seems etta was in her. same with what Patti LaBelle said regarding her Lady Marmalade “no one can touch the original, but christina can! she SHOULD!”

  14. Hey, Christina, did you think you were hitting a night club when you were dressing for Etta’s funeral? Wake up you stupid trash, that dress was totally inappropriate. And your version of At Last was horrible! Your days as a singer are over, sister!

  15. Dan

    REALLY? Next time instead of warbbling your voice ALL OVER THE F***IN’ PLACE SING THE SONG STRAIGHT! It WIL be an IMPROVEMENT.

  16. Bigbadbob

    you are so full of sh1t—she sang this song incredibly great–a masterpiece!!!

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