Taylor Swift Not Cast In ‘Les Miserables’ After All

Most of you agreed with us that Taylor Swift would be extremely miscast playing Eponine in the upcoming film adaptation of Les Miserables. But it appears that the country singer was either replaced, or perhaps never even accepted the role. Broadway World reports that British actress Samantha Barks (not Swift) will portray Eponine in the movie musical. Barks previously played the role in last year’s West End live production, as well as in the 25th Anniversary Concert filmed at the O2. See Samantha perform “A Little Fall Of Rain” alongside Nick Jonas below, and tell us if Taylor would have done a better job with the song. (We’ll save you some time: she wouldn’t have.)

Congrats, Samantha! You may just be Hollywood’s newest It Girl! Let us know if you’d still prefer to see Taylor on the silver screen on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments.

  • Elvin Roytman

    While this news relieves me, I’d love to know why the author of this article got paid to make such an egregious error as the one in the last sentence–the grammatically correct way would have read “…she wouldn’t HAVE” not ‘of’.

    • Becky Bain

      I wrote it fast and defied all the rules of grammar because I needed to get the word out as fast as possible.

  • Aarron

    Well atleast I dont have to see this movie anymore, more money for me! Would have seen this just for Taylor now its just another musical movie.

  • zooma99

    Aw:(the only reason i was about to watch this was because of taylor

  • Lily Tabolt

    THANK GOD IN HEAVEN!!!!!! Taylor Swift would have been terrible in this role! Almost as bad as Joe Jonas in the above video! BLIK!

    • jazzy

      Nick Jonas.

  • http://www.vertigoshtick.com vertigoshtick

    This made my day.

    Oh please oh please sing a song about this, Taylor. The only song that could be more pathetic than Eponine’s would be the song about how you didn’t get to sing Eponine’s pathetic song

  • Nick

    THANK GOD! I would never see a film version of ‘Les Mis’ with Taylor Swift’s rat-like mug stinking up the screen… Although I would have loved to see Lea Michele on the project, ANYONE is better than TaySwift…..

  • Emilia

    If only I could ‘like’ that comment…

  • Jenn

    Great news! I’m a huge fan of Les Mis, and I even like Taylor, but when I heard she would play Eponine…. Well, I wasn’t going to see the movie, despite my love for Les Mis.
    Taylor’s pretty, yeah. She can sing well enough. But she just doesn’t have the voice, talent or ability to pull the part off. Country and Broadway DON’T mix!
    Just sayin’.
    Samantha Bark on the other hand, did an amazing job in the 25th Anniversary Concert performance, and I can’t wait to see her in the movie!