Miley Cyrus’ Sex Scene And Girl On Girl Kiss Will Make You ‘LOL’

Miley Cyrus’ upcoming movie LOL is obviously destined to sweep at the 2013 Oscars, and it’s evident that Miley is doing whatever it takes for us to take her seriously as an actress. In two new preview clips from her Palme d’Or worthy film, we see Miley laughing (LOL-ing!) as she loses her virginity to her buddy; making out in bed with another dude on top of her; and lip-smacking a female friend in a photo. We’d probably be shocked to see Miley in such compromising positions… if we hadn’t seen her in tons of compromising positions already. Watch below.

Is Miley just looking for attention by taking on this type of role, or is she just bein’ Miley?! Tell us if you think this movie looks awesome and pretty cool in the comments!

[Via Celebuzz]

  • Ron

    SHE JUST BEIN MILEY Y”ALL… it actually kind of looks funny i gotta admit.

    holla to the h8rs

  • Imane

    She is just Miley ! she need to show her reality to all the haters !! FU*K HATERS !!!!
    Oh & , She just being be Mileyzz ! Hannah is just a DOLL !
    Now, this is miley who i really know

  • Yuri

    well that outfit will earn her a spot on mr.blackwell’s worst dsersed list for sure!i don’t know who the bigger nut job was:the guy who designed the outfitor miley for wearing it!no offense to any miley fans but i think there were some hallucinogenic substances being used,whether it was the fact that the guy who designed the outfit was high at the time or miley was on something when she agreed to wear it,i don’t know.all i do know is no sane and rational person would wear it!