Adam Lambert Sees Double In “Better Than I Know Myself” Video

It’s a tale of two Lamberts! Fans of the glam 30-year-old should be pleased to know that in his “Better Than I Know Myself” video, they’ll be getting twice the Adam with a “good” side and a “bad” side at war with each other. On the one side, we’ve got a zen Adam who meditates, listens to his own soothing music on headphones, and has plenty of oxygen. On the other, you have a naughty Adam who drinks alone, rips out his own heart, goes all Chris Brown on some windows, and, presumably, gets in trouble with Helsinki police. Which version do you prefer? Head below to watch the video and find out.Adam Lambert — “Better Than I Know Myself”

We’re not sure about you, but we’d gladly take either Adam. Let us know which you prefer on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments.

  • bettyb

    after watching this video a few times, I realize that it is pure genius…Adam is so talented in so many ways..hope to God that he gets the opportunity to act in a movie (in the near future)…the Queen gig should really put him on the map and increase his bank account in a profound and lucrative way…

  • musicmandave

    Great Video Adam! Song is pretty hottt as well. Keep us entertained buddy! Your music is legendary.

  • wtdp

    Lots of symbolism in the video, still finding the little ones, the backwards writing, the different color eyes at the end, the tape – very nicely done.

  • wtdp

    Agree, he should be acting, the camera simply loves him. How he never got into modeling is beyond me, he must have been super-focused on his music.

  • Weekplay

    Watch the HQ Version of the “Better Than I Know Myself” Official Music Video here: