Madonna’s “Give Me All Your Luvin’” Video: Review Revue

When Madonna drops a new video, people are going to talk about it — it’s a law of pop nature, folks. And there certainly is a lot to discuss in the MDNA singer’s “Give Me All Your Luvin’” video: Golden rain! Trick photography! Triple Marilyns! (Or are those Triple Madonnas during her Marilyn era?) Though no one is naming this one of Madge’s best videos (the woman has so many good ones, where would we even begin to name the best?), the reactions are far more along the lines of “touchdown” than “fumble”. Okay, enough sports euphemisms — head below to read what the web thinks of Madonna’s latest campy clip.

madonna-video_510Spin recognizes that high-profile guests and a football theme can’t distract anyone from the real star: “Her attempt to find a bridge between sports, love, and fame falls a bit flat… but in the end, the football players and cheerleaders in the video are all literally faceless passersby. They, like the two high-profile MCs, are all here in service of the Queen of Pop — they are shouting ‘M, A, D, Madonna’ and taking bullets for her, after all.”

Rolling Stone keeps it simple in their write-up: “It’s a goofy and fun clip, though the faceless cheerleaders in the background are more creepy than amusing.”

Chart Rigger sees more meaning in those anonymous pom pom girls: “What seems to be just below the surface is a big F-U to all the pop hoes who have tried to snatch away Madonna’s crown without giving proper credit. Those faceless cheerleaders in the background? That’s you, Gaga, Ke$ha, Jessie J, etc. ‘Maybe you’ll do fine as long as you don’t lie to me, and pretend to be what you’re not.’”

MTV Buzzworthy discovers a hidden metaphor with the football concept, too: “‘Give Me All Your Luvin” harks back to the sound that made Madonna stick — solid bubblegum pop with a healthy dose of camp and fun. And while we’re sure the football theme might have something to do with that little halftime show she’s planning at the Super Bowl this weekend, it also speaks to a larger idea: Madonna’s never been the cute and innocent homecoming queen, but those wholesome, all-American football players still wanna kick it with her.”


PopDust centers in on Madge’s cheer squad: “Each featured performer delivers her lines as you might expect: Nicki employs heavy physical accessories, bending and stretching facial muscles while leaving her derriere available for momentary gawking; M.I.A. slouches back in a chair to rattle off what’s on her mind, seemingly so relaxed you’d dare not to interrupt her.”

Vulture notes some of the more bizarre elements of the clip: “Because Madonna is Madonna, there is still some attempted weirdness tucked into the corners of this video — like, say, the babydoll nursing, or the cracked-out, triple-Marilyns dream sequence. At one point, the football players start taking bullets for Madonna, because that is the natural order of things: Madonna > sports, and everything else.”

madonna video

Arjan Writes sees the brains behind the vid: “After building a reputation for being controversial and pushing the envelope once in a while, it’s surprising to see that Madonna decided to let the aesthetic of this video be guided by a mainstream, All-American sporting event. But then again, she’s a savvy businesswoman and with the eyes of all of America on her half-time performance this Sunday, it only makes sense to fully leverage that opportunity to promote this new single.”

And finally, The Wall Street Journal champions the singer for still lookin’ bangin’ after all these years: “First off, the 53-year-old pop star appears to be in better shape than many college students, which is crazy. She also gets points for picking two of the coolest collaborators around–M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj–and getting them to literally serve as cheerleaders for the Madonna brand.”

What did you think of Madonna’s new video? And how does it compare to other lead videos from her previous albums — “4 Minutes”, “Hung Up”, “American Life”? Let us know what you think on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below.

  • M-Dolla

    Madonna is still the QUEEN!!! No one will ever touch (nor take) her well-earned crown!!!

    LUV you girl!!!

    • Fernanda Damek

      Queen for what? For corrupting the whole female pop industry into forcing women to go around semi-naked in order to sell records? For making it OK to pay for songs you didn’t write? MAdonna is a FRAUD.

      • Jed Camara Ocot

        It’s funny that you clearly do not like Madonna but here you are commenting on the article and just bashing others for liking her. You have too much time on your hands to go around bashing an artist you don’t like. Don’t like her? Don’t click on the article, read it and comment.

  • Derrick Kardos

    The football players in “Give Me All Your Love” are there to serve Madonna, at Madonna’s pleasure. And clearly they serve her well, anticipating her needs from the getgo — whether sheilding her from rain, tackling obstacles, taking bullets for her, serving as steps/flooring or even sawing a cab in half so that her pace flows uninterrupted.

    During the Monroe sequence, the football players act as furniture for Madonna and her friends MIA and Nicki Minaj. Footballers’ heads lines the walls, but not as trophies — as functional beauty lighting!
    THAT is good use of a football player’s head!

    This sequence is genius.. and classic Madonna… as she reclaims the power of Monroe’s most famous image..
    but when Monroe stood over a subway grate, her white dress blowing up and men ogling on, she was the passive, oblivious victim/recipient of a lascivious & mocking male gaze.
    The male gaze is not relevant here..
    They are completely powerless, utterly subservient,
    there only to serve women, & serve femininity.

    So is it a surprise when the football players turn out to be.. mechanical in nature? … not really.

    Automatons. Men. Madonna sees no difference.

    Madonna is both feminist and feminine-ist.
    She exalts both women AND the power of femininity.. something the feminists forgot.

    “Give Me All Your Love” is no exception:
    Women reign supreme in the Madonna-verse.

    worth noting also, the video ends in an orgy of cheerleader-lead jock decapitation.
    madonna grins as she triumphantly holds a football player’s head aloft.


  • Paws Down

    I love the video (and the song).
    It’s unpretentious, camp and above all, it’s FUN.
    I love all the references to pop culture, celebrity cult, and life itself (according to Madge). There’s a lot of content in this 4 minute video. Much more than a 14 minute video done by that other wannabe that resulted in a long, empty, meaningless video.
    Madonna’s always great.

    • Cheryl Helm

      This video has absolutely no meaning at all. It’s pure bubble gum cotton candy and nothing more than that. It’s not even bad enough to be campy or kitschy. I’ll take the 14-minute video by a real artist over this silliness. Frankly, I expected a LOT more from Madonna at this point of career but evidently there IS nothing more but pure commerce and marketing, no art, no style, no meaning, hot air.

      • Jed Camara Ocot

        Aren’t all of Gaga’s videos pure silliness as well? At this point in Madonna’s career, I don’t think she has anything left to prove.

      • Pavel Boyman

        SCUZA… so. Gaga’s marry the night has a meaning? You made my feet and ears laugh…

    • Fernanda Damek

      Song and video both SUCK. Boring, bland, and predictable.

      • Pavel Boyman

        If it sucks. So. Just SUCK it!!!

  • Stefan

    Madonna says only: Give me all your love wannabe ;-)

    • Fernanda Damek

      Madonna is the queen of whores.

  • me

    Madonna is a killer businesswoman but she is out to outshine Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga is far superior in talent and heart. Kudos to Madonna but it’s time to grow up and let the others have their day. Madonna’s regin is over.

    • Fernanda Damek

      I agree.

      • Michael English

        Now we understand what’s wrong with you. Hilarious.

    • Pavel Boyman

      gaga sucks

  • Artie Lee Bray

    The song is dull; vocal is flat & autotuned within an inch of it’s life, and the production is completely uninspired. And yes, she looks great for 53 – with light and makeup, but she STILL looks decades older than all of the ladies out today. I did notice she was wearing gloves anf long sleeves to cover her disgusting looking zombie appendages…lol

  • Mumph

    “Those faceless cheerleaders in the background? That’s you, Gaga, Ke$ha, Jessie J, etc.”

    I think those faceless cheerleaders are her fans –> she doesn’t care as long as everyone loves her.
    obscene !

  • Artie Lee Bray

    The old girl without digital “assistance”:

    Guuuurl – it ain’t cute. ;-P

  • Xcaliver

    Sorry as a Madonna fan the video stunk. It made no sense whatsoever expect she was trying to control and rule over the football players. The weird baby carriage scene served no purpose at all. She looked okay but a little out of place. Just meh. I like the song though.

  • Chris

    You Lazy Gags stans are hysterical! Madonna reigns supreme above that horse faced woMAN, deal with it!

    • Fernanda Damek

      Madonna is old and ugly. Her arms look like she is over 70, her hands are scary full of veins, and her feet are the same way.

      • keithintexas

        What? She looks like a Billion Bucks! OMG! Amazing!!!

  • Sean

    isn’t it hilarious that Madonna at 53 is 10x hotter than a 20 something Gaga? I mean how is that even possible? I love Madge, the song is catchy as hell (no means close to her best work) but it’ll sell to the masses. Hoping single number 2 is deeper but I do love the video and Madonna will always be the only Queen of Pop

    • Fernanda Damek

      Madonna is old and ugly. Her arms look like she is over 70, her hands are scary full of veins, and her feet are the same way. How many plastic surgeries she has done in that plastic face of hers?

  • Greg

    Why in the hell do haters always get on this comment jag to bitch about Lady Madonna. I think the song is pure luscious pop. And for anyone who thinks that this song has no meaning, after the many meaningful songs she has contributed over the years (IE the whole freakin Ray of Light album), let’s take a look at Gaga’s disco stick. Not that I would ever hate on Gaga, I love her, but Madonna is here to stay. I think there is room enough in this world for both Madonna and Gaga. Believe me, MDNA will be full of deeper tracks, so shut up haters.

    • Fernanda Damek

      Song and video are crappy, sounds like music for pre-teens. Awful lyrics. Get real.

  • isaac mitchell

    Love Madonna but will stick to her classics for now until the new cd is out! Stop using these rap artists Madonna and do you own thing that we once loved!!!!! But still the song should be a hit just because its Madonna!

    • Fernanda Damek

      Madonna is old, a has been, no one cares about her anymore.

  • Paws Down

    LOL – I feel ashamed for you. “No meaning at all” LOL!

    You must be brain dead to have not understood the concept of the video, the pop culture, the celebrity cult message, the reasons why Madonna plays herself in only three different stages: mom, sexy bombshell and Blond Ambition/Monroe style.

    You must be a complete moron to have failed in understanding the meaning of it all.

    Go watch Lady copyCaCat’s 14 minute meaningless videos, at least she tries to explain what she wanted to pass,right? Her brainless, ignorant and uneducated fans need a lot of help. Always.

  • Paws Down

    Madonna is far more talented than Caca as a songwriter, record producer and performer.

    Lady Caca, so far, has only written two songs by herself (You and I and Speechless), steals melodies and music of other people’s work and also steals people’s visual works.

    Put Madonna and Gag on stage, or watch their shows you will see Gag is an amateur next to the queen.

    Oh, I forgot to mention:

    MDNA is #1 in 49 countries on iTunes stores in less than 12 hours in the market. That reductive Madonna wannabe couldn’t do that with her Born Reductive album (that was sold by 0,99 cents on its release day, by the way).


    • Fernanda Damek

      Madonna is a joke to music. Real music legends do NOT like her. She buys songwritting credits, her vocals sucks. She is only around because of the media that promotes her, and her money & influence.

  • Fernanda Damek

    Madonna is as fake as it gets. She does not care about her fans at all, she treats them like crap. She is only in love with herself. She is ugly, looks like she is over 70, why is she making songs that sounds like were made for a pre-teen? Won’t this woman act according to her age?

  • Fernanda Damek

    Madonna is not a real artist, she pays for the song-credits. Madonna is an opportunistic self-absorbed person who is jealous of other people’s success — specially people like Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Celine Dion, Cher, and so on. She uses young artists as a way to always keep herself relevant

    • Michael English

      “specially”: not a word.

      You’re not coming off as mentally sound by posting 100s of sadsack diatribes that no one is reading.


    70% useless comments
    a series of statements that indicate the positions deep behind any real information
    why don’t you inform before speak.
    I’d like to know … from what source did you learn that Madonna does not write his songs, pays for the credits song and lot of blah blah blah …
    But you truly believe to be able to tear down an artist like Madonna with this nonsense??

    -poor lill brains-

    about the age of Madonna … long sleeves to cover arms, gloves for old hands … you sound like a bunch of idiots when you say that, you know very well to lie.
    Look at the “old” like was presented at the press conference!

    -close your mouth please-

  • Obaf

    you HEAVILY criticize Madonna for her age, saying she looks like an old 70 year old …
    is that your best argument against her success ???

    you must be one closeted teen, bullied and misunderstood, just like all those so called” little monsters’…

    if you want to attack Madonna for her age, FIRST look at your mom and trust me, she’s not even close ! I bet she’s in motor scooter LMFAO !!!

  • fffff


  • CML

    At this point she has nothing left to prove. Gaga takes herself to serious, so Madonna is here to bring fun back to music. Her 3rd ou 4th single from MDNA should be more introspective and complex.

  • Max

    Love it! Ironic, colorful and fun! Great job. Can’t stop watching it over and over.

  • Aaron

    I am a huge Madonna & Lady GaGa fan and I believe that there is room for both in our music libraries and in mainstream culture.

    However, what I am not a fan of is how Madonna seems to be on the offensive against GaGa over the last few weeks, then releases this as the first single. I mean, if she was releasing something akin to “Hung Up” or anything on Confessions, then I’d be more more willing to put up with her tirades.

    As I’ve been watching her over the last few weeks in interviews, she seems much more pretentious than I remember and slightly out of touch with what’s going on out there.

    Lastly, about the video – I couldn’t help but to notice that is seemed as if M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj were being used as small time extras in the video, instead of collaborators, which is a huge difference. Both of these woman have a cult following in their own right and I felt bad for them watching it. It definitely wasn’t anything like Timbo’s/J.T.’s contribution to the “4 Minutes” video.

    • keithintexas

      @Aaron, absolutely, in the pop music world, there is plenty of room for Madonna, Gaga, Keisha. Why, back in the day, no one complained that there were The Beatles, Herman’s Hermits, The Animals, and many more!

      As a “senior citizen” of this world, I just want to say that I thought Gaga’s Born This Way is the second best album ever (the best is Green Day’s American Idiot) and I’m going to Best Buy tomorrow and buying the new Madonna. (Sad that her best album, Confessions on a Dance Floor, was so overlooked.)

      Okay, time to troll the bars and buy drinks for pretty young things.

  • Aaron

    Should we as fans be happy with that? With your comment, you’re basically admitting that the newest single is superficial and simple, which I agree with. But with the length of time between albums increasing, I think each piece released should be a compelling, introspective, delicious piece of dance history. This doesn’t cut it for me as a long time fan.

  • paul

    first, madonna writes her own lyrics if that matters to you and second she NEVER pushed anybody to go around semi-naked. everyone makes his/her choices.

  • ed




  • Serina Vanderw00dsen

    Wow, madonna really would not care what you half twats would say about her. Good for you if you Gaga fans think she’s old, ugly, wrinkly, gross etc whatever. Why waste your time commenting on another artist’s page only to bag them out and continuously talk about Lady GAGa. Whore.
    Every Youtube page, every blog, every media source for some f***ing reason lady GAGa has to be involved. GTFO. Get a life.

  • chris

    back in the day she was a legend now she just wants to be “in” and that’s why she always collaborates with new artists!she’s desperate!thank god she coveres those male hands in the video. The song sounds like glee plus seems like a parody.

  • Robert Franson

    I love it. It is a bit weird and odd. But somehow satisfying and fun. Really CRACKED out. Perfect guest stars and perfect timing,

    Negatives? A little creepy, a little annoying.

    Better than ‘American Life’ and ’4 Minutes’, not as good as ‘Hung Up’

  • R.T.

    …I agree. I like both GaGa and Madonna, but I was hoping for something similar from her early 2000-era (but updated for 2012). This song is OK. A little hard to sing along with, though. And the melody is a little annoying. But whatever. Hopefully her upcoming album will have better songs.

  • wtdp

    Hmmmm, just watched Adam Lambert’s video, which made me think and feel something, then this……. come on, she needs to age gracefully and stop running around half naked, everybody’s seen it, yawn yawn yawn

  • Fail

    Looks like Jed has too much time on his hands to bash people who don’t like Madonna.

  • Tico

    That wannabe with no crown is boring. Madonna is for smart people. The one and only Queen of POP, Lady Ciccone is pure FUN with lots of good retro references. Perfect video, and I know every l. monster out there liked the video, although the rivality they insist in defending.

  • keithintexas

    I like it. Simple. Pop bubblegum. Nothing to hate, but unfortunately nothing to love.

    Why not some semi-naked lockerroom shots?

    BUT, Madonna looks fantastic. AMAZING! Beautiful, hot, rich, sleek, wow!

  • Someone Who

    Props to Madonna! Okay, so the song has zero deep message and lacks anything remotely cutting edge, but seriously people, she is 53 years and the biggest selling female artist in music history. What else does she have to prove? I was scared that the new Madonna single would sound like something today’s radio divas are spouting out, but instead, she releases a very retro track that harks back to her 80′s hey days. Remember the Madonna era where all she talked about was the kaballah, yoga, motherhood, her Mother dying, Guy Ritchie, her Jewish name, etc. THANK GOD FUN MADONNA IS BACK!!!

  • Victor Atomic

    I agree fun Madonna is back and shes obviously letting everyone in the music scene know she see’s them. Great dance/pop song, take a chill pill and dance it out, Its really not that serious.

  • Gemma

    I am glad this is a camp song, poking fun and just having a laugh, most songs out these days are to serious and depressing, about time some good old bubble gum pop came out. :) dont actually like Niki s bit though, her style doesn’t go with the song.

  • RSLPhoenix

    I like Madonna and the rest of the girlpower pop phenoms.Yes,Madonna has her own style…queen or no queen Madonna is female power in pop. and yes, she co-writes most of her songs, helllow. I like gaga too or whoever there are in pop now.

  • Riku

    Agree, Gaga actually can SING, Madonna is plastic

  • tomas

    The old gal did good ……. next year or maybe the next 20 gaga will play halftime!

  • Loveboat

    Why doesn’t Madonna realise she is getting too old for the biz and assist younger more talented artists in getting ahead rather than giving the impression that she’s trying to compete with them or use them to attract a younger audience to her music. I have been a Madonna fan since the 80′s but I honestly find her just annoying now. She has poor vocals and cannot dance anymore. She doesn’t even look great but she uses an entourage of talent around her to enhance her image. She just comes across as being self-absorbed not worldly or artistic.

  • linda

    yes madonna you getting to old ,,go home hang out with your kids

  • linda

    yes madonna you getting to old ,,go home hang out with your kids your song is so silly you look like you are so desparet