Nicki Minaj Channels “Marilyn Monroe” On New Track

Nicki Minaj spent the past year more or less conquering the world (a rise punctuated by a Super Bowl performance with Madonna today). But on the bittersweet new “Marilyn Monroe” (actual recording date as yet unknown), Nicki confides that she’s still battling insecurity and self-doubt. Is this her secret audition to take Katy Perry’s place on Broadway? (Or not.) Go blonde with Nicki below.

“Just call me blessed / If you can’t handle my worst / You ain’t getting my best / Is this how Marilyn Monroe felt?” she asks.

There’s speculation this track — in which Nicki stretches her vocals over a shimmery piano line — is from the recently delayed Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, but there’s no conclusive evidence one way or the other just yet. In any case, it’s an unusually confessional look from Nicki, and we’re curious to see how much of herself she reveals in her new music.

Is Nicki the new Marilyn Monroe (and would Madonna have anything to say about that)? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments.

  • http://hpp biggestnicki fan


    • Tianna Marie

      I love it too! it’s kind of sad though.

  • wickedwitch

    Wow the song is amazing. It’s… it’s just perfect

  • Kati

    nothing like Marilyn Monroe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    this song iz so pretty and so real! she iz expressing her feelingz…. i luv it and i feel the vibe she tryin to bring to life on this song! luv it nicki!

  • true2myself

    wackkkkkkkkkkkkkk! and for the record the Brianna girl Marilyn Monroe record is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better. Nicki u suck

  • true2myself

    why would Nicki do a song when Briannatheyrb had a Marilyn Monroe song thats kinda wack of her and the girl song betta wow i hope they friends thats copying

  • gregory

    I love this song!! will this be released on itunes at all or was it meant to be leaked??

  • Zoe

    I like it. I wish the lyrics were a little bit better wirtten but other than that it’s good.

  • Zoe


  • Liza

    Huh ?

  • tomas

    she was a hooker not mailyn

  • Jay

    Um, it’s just a title. You act like she copied the song as a whole…shut the hell up.

  • Countess

    Its interesting that she compares herself to marilyn monroe.In the Notorious B.I.G movie i think Biggie refers to lil kim as the marilyn monroe of hip hop, back in the day.I like the song though.

  • Mario

    Love this song
    Nicki Portugal loves you

  • mario
  • Angel

    Awful. She could never compare to Marilyn Monroe. There is nothing innocent about Niki…She is just trying to capitalize on Marilyn’s iconic image. Trash.

  • Delicia Wilson

    I love this song!!!!