Madonna’s Super Bowl Halftime Performance: Watch It Now!

Feb 5th, 2012 // 37 Comments
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Most years, people watch the Super Bowl to see a bunch of men playing football. This year, a number of eyes are glued to TV sets primarily to see a 53-year-old woman in a gold Viking costume sing and dance — got a problem with that? (Okay, and maybe a few watched for Kelly Clarkson.) Regardless of which team emerges as the champ of Super Bowl XLVI, we declare that everyone who catches Madonna’s halftime performance of “Give Me All Your Luvin’” is a winner. If you missed it — or if you, like us, would like to revisit the magic about 600 more times — catch Madonna’s nipple-free Super Bowl halftime show below.

As you know doubt have seen by now, the “Give Me All Your Luvin’” video nicely incorporated the football theme (unfortunately, the Giants and the Patriots did not team up together to help Madge walk on the sides of any walls for this performance). For the Super Bowl, her Madgesty decided to go with a more grandiose theme and pulled out all the stops (a Trojan army, Zodiac-inspired costumes, a marching band, and a choir, to be specific) to perform “Vogue,” “Music,” and “Give Me All Your Luvin’” with M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj — complete with pom-poms, as promised.

There was also a “Party Rock Anthem”/ “Sexy And I Know It” mashup with LMFAO and “Open Your Heart,” “Express Yourself,” and “Like A Prayer” with Cee Lo Green, before Madonna disappeared down into the stage (hopefully to resurface soon).

Madonna — Super Bowl Halftime Show

That woman has some serious energy! (Must be all the MDNA.)

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  1. Thomas

    Loveeeeeeeed it!!!!

  2. Riku

    The Queen of Playback hahaha

  3. Nyan

    LMFAO were barely there… She needed to share the stage better…. I get she was headlining the performance but seriously?

  4. Yasmin

    Everytime Madonna performs, I feel that she’s dissconnected. It’s as if she’s counting the dances steps in her head and not paying attention to the audience- very unnatural. Other than that I thought the gold sparkled nicely on the camera and that the stage was fantastic. Michael Jackson and Prince still hold the titles of best Super Bowl Halftime Performances. If your going to lipsync you might aswell do it right or have it pre-recorded.

  5. Pamela

    Madonna You are our Queen and we love you THAT IS THE BEST PERFORMANCE I HAVE EVER SEEN AT HALFTIME if you come to BC Canada I am sooo going to your concert we love you!! Congrats girl you soo rocked it!!!

  6. Have 50 Seats Madogma!!

    That was wack!! She almost fell twice,plus she just looked and acted like someone on something! Thumbs all the way down.

  7. MusicManDave

    That was a hot mini concert from beginning to end. Madonna showed so much energy and nicki and MIA were awesome as well.

  8. I thought it was fantastic. Best Superbowl performance I’ve ever seen. Glad that Madge is back in full force!!

  9. Jenice

    The reason she fell almost twice if people really followed madonna you would know she was suffering from a hamstring injury from rehearsing.

  10. Madonna was great. I never seen her so happy performing.

  11. MissCroft

    I was touched, dare I say moved watching how she shared the stage. It makes sense though, her music is from the 80s but sharing the stage as she did made her RELEVANT today. You go girl!

  12. manodnol

    A Spectacular Display!!!!! It was HUGE! Loved how she shared the stage (good choices)! A GRAND Performance!

  13. Madonna was WONDERFUL! Very tastefully done plus family oriented. Kudos to you Madonna!

  14. Josh

    She was not lypsyncing…

  15. lisa

    lady gaga is gonna have lots of ideas now lol

  16. isaac mitchell

    She did lypsnc in some of the songs but mostly sang very well, especally “Like A Prayer” in the end! Overall very good Madonna!

  17. CanCan

    Madonna and CO. were SPECTACULAR!!!!! LOVED IT!!!!!!!

  18. The stage was great…better than Madonna. Her sound needed adjusting and she didn’t seem to have much …enthusiasm. Not the best I’ve seen for sure.

  19. Justin M.

    Incredible! The costumes were superb, the visuals over the top and amazing, and Madonna sounded and looked great! I was so worried that Madonna would get lost with all of the guest performers…but she didn’t! She was definately the star of the show. Kudos for keepin’ it family friendly as well. Even my parents said they enjoyed it! Success!!

  20. Whutevs

    Looks like Madonna’s entry into the staduim was heavily inspired, I mean totally copied, from Kylie’s latest tour. Even her latest single just sounds stale, and not really worthy of her status as a pop diva…not to mention she isn’t even singing live here!!! Ridiculous! I think that it is finally time for Madonna to throw in the towel, and leave pop music to people with actual talent.

  21. Chris

    Madonna looked amazing and did what she had to do to please a mainstream/conventional croud. what did u expect? to give them the middle finger? masturbate? suck face with Nicki? it was what it was and it worked!

  22. She was incredibly superb and happy to be on stage again. as she used to.
    It was spectacular from beginning till the end – it really seemed like all the humans on the planet got together and shared the peaceful moment (WORLD PEACE).
    And, hey, I liked to see Britney’s dancer form FFTour – Adrien Galo ))))

  23. puletasigirl

    Fabulous Show – That’s why she is the best at putting on a show. Gaga is nothing
    compare to MADONNA who started it all.
    You go GIRL

  24. JT

    Throw in the towel,who are you to suggest this? I guess she’ s knocking on nearly 54 so past her sell by date right? Jog on!

  25. marcin

    Good show, especially stage and lights. Only Like a prayer was really really good. Rest of show was weak. I think she mainly sing with playback. The entry was so similar to Kylie Aphrodite Les Folies (I belive in you!). I think there was to much things i n such a short time.

    But i still think she has power and looks even better than ever. Madonna is still amazing:)

  26. Aaron

    She only lipsynced two of them, so at least level your criticism based in fact.

  27. joe

    She was the show. Her energy was amazing. When does the game Start?

  28. juvi

    i hate her but it’s pretty good show but the feat’s are not well done

  29. daniel

    I thought I was watching Kylie’s Aphrodite Tour – whoops Madonna, try to be a little more original next time.

    • Indeed! I find it hypocritical for Madge to label others “reductive” – when she herself has made a career of being “inspired” by others… so closely in some cases she has lost lawsuiyts over it.

      Madge IS threatened by GAGA. Musically & vocally (talent wise) Stephani blows her out of the water.

  30. juvi

    i think so too because kylie did that style “Aphrodite”-Time too, before the “MOST ORIGINAL” Star did that (SORRY;( NOT )

  31. JUVI

    everyone who still compare madonna to lady gaga: GAGA is live 200% better than Madonna ever could be so please don’t let so much trash get out of your mouth. This whole stage is COPIED of Kylie Minogue, who doesn’t see that is STUPiD and “Give Me all your Luvin’” sounds like a wannabe 12-years old girl who wants to be a Star. Could have been a song of Willow Smith. And I as a Little Monster say stop comparing gaga and Madonna. They are two DIFFERENT Stars.
    Question: Mother Monster calls us fans Little Monster, how does Madonna call hers?

  32. John

    Stage and special effects were great. Lipsyncing not that much. Moves for Madonna’s age are more then great. Kylie said ‘Hi”.

  33. forshame52

    What? i turned the channel i didnt want to watch that old hag break her hip.

  34. Madonna ROCKED IT BIG TIME!!! WEEEEEEEEEEeee NO ONE CAN DO IT LIKE MADONNA…….. she set the standards soooo high that everyone is just going to try to be more amazing….. which is good for all performers to strive to be wonderful…. Great Job Madonna…. Still our QUEEN!

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