Grammy Awards 2012: We Pick The Pop And Dance Winners

Okay, that’s the Super Bowl done. Next up: this coming Sunday’s Grammy Awards telecast! Adele, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga are all on tap to perform, and it’s not surprising — they’re each nominated in various categories this year. Today we kick off our annual round of predictions for who will win Grammy gold in several areas. We’re first training our eyes on the Pop and Dance categories.

Head below to look into the magical, musical Idolator crystal ball with us. Then, by this time next week, you can either high-five or goof on us, depending on how things go down Sunday night.

Best Pop Solo Performance
“Someone Like You” — Adele
“Yoü And I” — Lady Gaga
“Grenade” — Bruno Mars
“Firework” — Katy Perry
“F***in’ Perfect” — Pink

WILL WIN: Grammy did away with the Best Female and Male Pop Vocal Performance categories of yore this year in lieu of a combination of the two. That said, it seems like ladies still rule as far as the nominees are concerned, and our money is on chart dominatrix Adele for the win.
SHOULD WIN: We say Adele deserves it most. She soared while keeping it simple, plus her sophomore LP 21 has produced some of the most memorable singles of the decade so far. The wrenching “Someone Like You” is certainly no exception.

Best Pop Duo/Group Performance
“Body And Soul” — Tony Bennett & Amy Winehouse
“Dearest” — The Black Keys
“Paradise” — Coldplay
“Pumped Up Kicks” — Foster The People
“Moves Like Jagger” — Maroon 5 & Christina Aguilera

WILL WIN: We’re guessing that Grammy will go sentimental here and opt for honoring both the late Amy Winehouse and Tony Bennett, who landed his first #1 album at age 85 last fall, by picking “Body And Soul”.
SHOULD WIN: Foster The People gave radio one of the weirdest out-of-the-blue summer jams ever in 2011. The trio is a total long shot here, especially since a win for Best Alternative Music Album, which they’re also up for, may seem more appropriate to voters.

Best Dance Recording
“Raise Your Weapon” — Deadmau5 & Greta Svabo Bech
“Barbra Streisand” — Duck Sauce
“Sunshine” — David Guetta & Avicii
“Call Your Girlfriend” — Robyn
“Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites” — Skrillex
“Save The World” — Swedish House Mafia

WILL WIN: Skrillex is the man of the hour as far as dance music is concerned. But do the bulk of voters even know who Skrillex is? Maybe if they ask their kids.
SHOULD WIN: Sigh. We are still holding the Robyn flag high. Can you see it this year, at least, Grammy voters? Here — we’ll wave it a little higher for you…

Best Dance/Electronica Album
Zonoscope, Cut/Copy
4×4=12, Deadmau5
Nothing But The Beat, David Guetta
Body Talk, Pt. 3, Robyn
Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites, Skrillex

WILL WIN: David Guetta is the most recognizable name, with the largest collection of hits under his belt. That’s pretty much the formula for success here.
SHOULD WIN: We’re tossing a coin for Robyn (heads) and Cut Copy (tails) — two acts who offered up imaginative albums to the dance gods over the past year or so. Okay, it came up Cut Copy. Poor Robyn — at least she’s used to it at this point.

Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album
Duets II, Tony Bennett & Various Artists
The Gift, Susan Boyle
In Concert On Broadway, Harry Connick Jr.
Music Is Better Than Words, Seth MacFarlane
What Matters Most – Barbra Streisand Sings The Lyrics Of Alan And Marilyn Bergman, Barbra Streisand

WILL WIN: Tony Bennett. The guy is pretty much the Grammy king, with 15 awards already lining his mantle at home. What’s giving him another one (or two) going to hurt?
SHOULD WIN: Forget the armada of flashy guests packed onto Bennett’s Duets II. The album itself is just damn good fun, and makes for either perfect dinner party music or a soothing soundtrack to accompany a bubble bath. And, really, what more can you ask for in life? Grazie, Tony.

Do you agree with our predictions? Did we get it wrong with the picks? Let us know your thoughts below, or by hitting us up on Facebook and Twitter!

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  • Christopher Jarmark

    Honestly I Think You Guys Are Pretty Spot On! Although “Someone Like You” Has The Force To Take Solo-Performance… I Still Think GaGa’s “You And I” Is Different Enough To Be A Contender… And Of Course P!nk Really Shakes This Category Up! Honestly These Three Make It Hard To Guess Right… Each Of Them Are Mega Stars… And Each Track Is Solid! Being A Monster All The Way, I Have To Stay Monster Strong And Say… GaGa… But Adele Would Not Be Disappointing AT ALL! I Really Think That It Will Be GaGa And Adele All The Way This Year… And I LOVE THIS!!!! (”’)Paws Up Forever For Mother Monster And Deley Blue!!!!(”’) I Hope That The Music Gods Shine Down A Roaring Collaboration Between The Two!!! *FINGERS CROSSED*

  • g9

    Adele >>>

  • Jeremy Snelson

    …Just Put Your (‘’’) PAWS UP (‘’’) ‘Cause You Were Born This Way Baby…* The lights flashed… flickering anticipation through my veins. The industrial pop beat came to life and pulsed freedom and vitality through my soul. The date was March 04, 2011 in HSBC Arena in the Queen City, Buffalo, NY.
    The day began waking up to the liberating lyrics of Lady GaGa’s “Born This Way” at five in the morning, two hours after spending a night reinventing fashion for the name of art and freedom. Eyelids creaking open little by little to let the dim light of dawn bring my tired body to life. The pump of the chorus blared and all doubts were gone… I was on my baptismal path to liberation. Hustling like it was do or die my dearest friend Ken and I ripped through the house in true Little Monster fashion, making jelly sandwiches and rolling our heads through the collars of our GaGa inspired garb. Taking “Born This Way” for the lifestyle that it is we forged a birth of Mother Monster bursting through my back- a message of human and artistic freedom to a world that more often than not, lacks the desire to cherish and preserve the greatest aspects of culture that gives us our identities as Americans and most importantly Human Beings.
    Us Monsters in our skin rushed from home leaving the dawn and our previous lives a blur. In true “Bad Kid” fashion we made sure to get off the bus in the less than questionable part of town, walking the streets toward the arena in a chant of freedom and peace… *…OOOH THERE AIN’T NO OTHER WAY… BABY I WAS BORN THIS WAY…!* Pavement cracked beneath our feet we came to a stop only to look up and know that we were at the cusp of what was certain to be quite possibly the greatest night of our lives! TWENTY SEVEN tractor trailers, nearly FIFTEEN buses, and about TWO DOZEN rushing men and women clad in lanyards and “event crew” tops stood in front of us—the bringers of our GaGodess Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta! Jaws dropped, our hearts fluttered as we walked into the hustling whirlwind of creation that stood before us. As we approached the parking lot behind HSBC Arena (now the F.N. Center) the unbelievably astounding mind of Lady GaGa cracked open before us. Within minutes we witnessed a cargo bed delivering the electric green jalopy keyboard that would later be caressed by Mother Monster, sending the echoes of her first single *Just Dance* through the skeletal bones of the arena and into the ears of a sold out crowd of Little Monsters. The hairs standing on my arms, next came the razor blade benches of her demonic vision of Central Park. Witnessing each of these pieces in their raw form I felt the gates of my soul exploding open as her vision bridged to and bound with my heart.
    As I stood behind the arena shaking in awe and dreaming of the slight chance that Mother Monster herself might come fashion walking by us, a local news crew from channel 7 came trying to unveil the mystery that is Lady GaGa. Perhaps it was the shock hiding behind my star and diamond dust covered theater mask or the viral feeling of anticipation and nerves that shook within me, but the reporter had his camera crew setup right behind me so we could do an interview for the noon news. As he flooded me with questions about why I’m a Monster and what is it about Lady GaGa that captivates the world one Monster at a time, I felt an intense feeling of pride and liberation growing stronger within me. I explained how her art, not simply music, challenges the world to see past the superficial in order to see and understand what is truly there—a concept I added, that is crucial for humanity to master in order to cherish and make the world a place that is safe for individuals as well as groups. Little did I know that this would be the first of several interviews that I would take part in that day.
    Getting word from one of the event managers that GaGa would not be coming to the show until later at night, we decided to trek to the front of the arena and take our place in line for the LITTLE MONSTER ZONE. Two of the first ten people in line we met Monsters of all colors, shapes, and sizes that came from every part of the country—some even came from other countries! We listened to and sang along with GaGa’s albums as we shivered in the cold March rain. Before we knew it, it was finally time to rush through the arena doors and sign-in with the event staff so we could line up at what would be our final destination before our certain transformation from innocent into full fledged Monster. The bass of the sound check shook us as our spirits began bouncing under our skin.
    An hour later our group leader came and released us to rush into the arena. Claws and paws flew everywhere as dozens of Monsters flew down the stairs and onto the arena floor. Anxiously, yet politely we made our way to the stage… Ken and I landing ourselves a spot FRONT ROW AGAINST THE LEFT OF THE CATWALK! My body shook as floods of thoughts began hitting me. Is this real life, is this truly happening to us!?!? Ten O’clock came in no time and the pulse of electric fantasies finally rattled our bones– *I’M A FREE BITCH BABY!* Curtains up… THERE SHE STOOD—MOTHER MONSTER– A REAL, LIVING BREATHING ARTIST sharing the same air as thousands of her admirers. DANCE IN THE DARK, GLITTER AND GREASE, JUST DANCE… the jalopy! The creative visions that we took in earlier that day were coming to life before our eyes as she caressed them with her tender artistic touch! Neon jungle gyms representing the Chrysler building, a living dress, syringes filled with crimson desire, New York leather, a burning piano, a giant Angler Fish dying from the flashes of fame, sparks of fire from forbidden desires, a gyroscopic Monster Ball—WE HAD MADE IT! A journey that felt like a life in the making… predestined desires—life and God made sense. Sweat poured and splashed from stranger to stranger binding us all in our experience. As GaGa jumped on stage, I took my eyes off of her only long enough to turn and see my Mother jumping at the other end of the arena bringing tears to my eyes as I read the excitement that grew stronger on her face. One building, several thousand people, all makes of life… we stood there united—MONSTERS AT THE MONSTER BALL!
    The stage went black… is the show over!?!? *…Just Put Your (‘’’) PAWS UP (‘’’) ‘Cause You Were Born This Way Baby…* The lights flashed… flickering anticipation through my veins. The industrial pop beat came to life and pulsed freedom and vitality through my soul. United in the futuristic gospel garb debuted only a month before at the Grammy’s—GaGa stood with her dancers singing the anthem that solidified all of our unity in that moment. Making her way down the catwalk, she turned looking down at us. She looked me in the eye as she belted out “OOOH THERE AIN’T NO OTHER WAY!!!” smiling and tearing up! Jumping and pawing at the air, liberating and leaving our sins… our fears and problems outside… GaGa brought us a sanctuary. We were free, “SUPER FREE!” As the night ended we met my mother and our friend in the lobby. Shaking and tearing up, knowing that our lives would be united forever because of that day we hugged and reminisced about our adventures and the purity of GaGa’s talent. This my fellow music lovers, my dear friends at Idolator, is exactly what makes up the most “PRICELESS MUSIC MOMENT “ imaginable!!!