Liz Phair Pays Backwards Compliments To Lana Del Rey

When Liz Phair was propositioned by Rolling Stone to share a soundbite on Lana Del Rey for an upcoming profile on the divisive singer, Phair declined — and instead wrote a whole op-ed piece about Del Rey for The Wall Street Journal. And yet, several hundred words later, we still aren’t sure about Liz’s feelings towards the songstress, as her write-up was peppered with backwards compliments. She calls Lana “not overwhelmingly talented”, admits she bought Born To Die only because of its value as a “phenomenon”, and yet says “of course I like her” upon her transformation “from a folk singing, girl-next-door type into an electro-urban kitty cat on the prowl.” Funny, that’s the issue most of Del Rey’s critics have with her. [Via WSJ]