Lady Gaga Debuts Official Born This Way Ball Tour Poster (PHOTO)

Christmas has come two months late (or 10 months early) for Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters, as the social-networking pop star took to Twitter again tonight (Feb. 7) to leak details about her 2012-2013 tour, The Born This Way Ball. This time around, the 2012 Grammy performer shared the tour’s official poster, a bit of “homework” she says she finished early and felt compelled to leak after “too much wine.”

The moody black-and-white design features Mother Monster’s large, godlike visage peering out from ominous clouds above a medieval castle in the same architectural style as The Born This Way Ball’s stage design sketch.

Four men stand with Gaga in the foreground of the structure, while another man peers out from a tower window. Below the group appears the tour’s official name in large block letters, superimposed over an electric purple inverted pyramid.

We think the poster evokes characters from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, specifically the pale-faced, fair-haired alien manservant Riff Raff, and the costuming from the “Time Warp” musical number.

The “Marry The Night” singer also tweeted that The Born This Way Ball official tour dates will be announced tomorrow (Feb. 8) at 11 a.m. PST.

Now that you’ve seen the stage design and tour poster, how do you think The Born This Way Ball is shaping up compared to Gaga’s Monster Ball? Tell us in the comments below, or on Twitter and Facebook.

  • nano

    kinda tacky :S

  • Milla Perry

    Seriously eye-sore and bad photoshop.

  • Queen of Copycat


  • Adele Rulez

    LOL… Madonna The Ultimate Queen of Pop title remains un-bothered! ;)

  • :)

    Seriously, stop trollin’! It’s fine, and it’s going to shape up to be a spectacular concert, as was the last one. The set looks great!

  • Ex-Monster

    This cant be true. Come on Gaga!

  • WTF



  • Dont Tourture US

    R_E_D_U_C_T_I_V_E !

  • Zzzzzzzz

    she’s so MEH

  • Gaga The Flake


    VOTE> TYPE ‘LAME’ SEND> 1800-123- F-L-O-P


  • Godney

    Nah..I’ll pass!

  • Howiet

    she says she finished early and felt compelled to leak after “too much wine.” .

    No, after Madonna stole the limelight and released her dates… so transparent.

  • Florin

    Madonna fans where suppose to be more smart, but I dont see that in the comments here and everywhere. It seems that Madonna by herself doesnt mean anything to them. They love Madonna, only because they hate Gaga. Thats how they are.

  • Juvi

    i like it. it could have been better maybe she does more than one, but the poster is not what a tour is about, it’s about the artist

  • John

    I love Gaga, but this has nothing to do with art. Its simply bad photoshop thing. One reality check for Gaga as soon as possible!

  • pr63

    who cares about the poster. it’s the show that counts. i’d love to see her live but i’m not spending a quarter of a zillion dollars to sit 800 miles away from the stage. and i’m a little too old to stand for 2 1/2 hours. hopefully there will be reasonably priced tickets and ticketmaster will not rip us off too badly

  • lola

    when did it become trolling to have an opinion? gaga fans are so quick to bully you to keep your mouth shut. if you like the poster and i don’t, well, that’s a dialogue. otherwise, go jack off to your own opinion.

  • Juvi

    its not about the poster, the TOUR is the important thing so: LOVE GAGA

  • Juvi

    and today she will post the tuor dates and the people will say she copied madonna again. Yes because it’s copying to publish tour dates if your lady gaga and madonna did that before only because she have known that gaga will do that these days too

  • MusicManDave

    This poster is horrible to look at. Looks like a movie poster for a horror flick. Every gets clawed up and ate by the beast. So not feelin’ this and would have expected better by our queen mother monster. Pass

  • V

    If you think this is bad, look at Madonna’s new tour poster…yikes

  • V

    Freaky The Night ?! Was that supposed to be funny or clever ?

  • V

    It’s supposed to look a little funky, as with the album art. The Born This Way marketing was her chance to be the 80′s rock/popstar she dreamt of. The graphics are intended to look more DIY, than her previous work and work anyone has currently done.

  • SLLC7

    Why are people complaining for the fact that the poster is weird, creepy, and or looks like and advertisement for a horror movie. That is just who lady gaga is, that’s her style, Gaga needs to look monstrous because she is symbolizing that it doesn’t matter who you are or how you look like, everyone is accepted into her world. Asking gaga not to be weird or creepy is like asking Britney Spears or Madonna not to lip-sync.

  • Jonathan Williams

    cheap looking. Couldn’t she hired one of the little monsters to design her poster.

  • http://..................... nane

    gaga es lo mejor de mí :) me encanta Lady Gaga por lo tanto siga sososososo gaganane en twitter y thnx