Cassie Celebrates Valentine’s Day Early With New Single “King Of Hearts”

It’s been six years since Cassie seized the dancefloor with her chilly, irresistible R&B smash “Me & U”, but after a number of apparent false starts, she appears to be back for real. Earlier today, the “Make You A Believer” singer released the full-length version of “King of Hearts” — the lead single from her forthcoming Electro Love LP — just in time for Valentine’s Day. Is Cassie ready to re-establish herself as club royalty? Listen below.

Cassie — “King Of Hearts”

“You are the prince of charm / Seduction is your art / You never play my love / You’re just my king of hearts,” she sings, surrounded by echoing vocal effects and a bouncy beat.

Unfortunately, it sounds to us as though Cassie’s heart was missing from this one. “King Of Hearts” — whose video will drop on Valentine’s Day — is a pure electro-dance number (produced by J2). But her customary distance works against her in this one, and the result is a throwaway.

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  • Jed Camara Ocot

    Hey Idolator…it’s been 6 years since her album came out, not 5.

  • sassafrass

    love it

  • MusicManDave

    I’m totally feelin’ this electro tune. Well produced and ready for the dancefloor. Cassie’s back.

  • Rett

    Yes finally This is so hot yo Love Love Love cassie This is Dope.

  • Just N. Season

    I just listened to the song and it is sexy as all sexy! Her voice over that track makes me wanna dance. Ultimately, the dance is just the prelude…Cassie is back. Love it.

  • Slim

    The production is awesome. Welcome back Cassie :)

  • Ali

    This is great, i hope this makes it big, i love you Cassie, always have..! I can see myself dancing to this in the club, heck, i already am