Kris Allen Covers Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, & Rihanna At The Mint

Kris Allen rose to stardom singing covers of other people’s songs on American Idol, so it’s only fitting that he returned to his roots by performing some covers we might not have expected from the Kidz Bop judge. The drunken dubstepper had the ladies at the show cracking up with jokes aplenty (judging by the sounds of the crowd, we estimate that attendance was at least 99.99% female) before launching into a medley that wove Rihanna’s “We Found Love,” Katy Perry’s “Firework,” and Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance” together. Watch the girl-pop medley and “Vision Of Love” below.

Kris Allen — “We Found Love,” “Firework,” & “Just Dance”

Uh-oh! Somebody needs to brush up on his Teenage Dream — Kris forgot most of the words to Katy’s Grammy-nominated hit.

Kris Allen — “Vision Of Love” live at The Mint

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  • karen

    Vision of Love is NOT a cover by the way. It is an original sign co-written by Kris himself, and is rumored to likely be the 1st single off his upcoming album

  • M

    Kris sang one cover which was just funning between himself and his good friend, John because as he said his friend loves a lot of girl pop. It was probably more impulsive than practiced which is why he didn’t know the words, but yanno…who cares? It was just in good fun. He performed at The Mint expressly to introduce songs off his new CD and he introduced 8. In addition, he sang his hit Live Like We’re Dying and Alright With Me.

    Other than Live Like We’re Dying and that girl pop mashup ALL the songs were written by Kris.

    I just love people who write blogs who haven’t got a clue in their heads.

  • danny

    He released a song???? I never knew! I thought he just kinda faded silently away.

  • karen

    He released an album in November 2009 and his lead single off that sold more than 1.7 million copies (Live Like We’re Dying). His second album is supposed to come out in May or June, with the lead single probably coming out at the end of this month.

  • A

    We were in the back of the room – the crowd was easily 60/40 female/male.

  • scp

    The girls tend to cheer louder, but if you listen you might hear the guys pipe up too depending which video you’re watching. By the time the place filled up, I thought it was probably 70/30 in girl/guy ratio. But I was at the front, not the back, so maybe “A” is right about 60/40. I had a few guys near me, like a guy in front of me and maybe like 3 guys behind somewhere shouting stuff occasionally. After Kris finished playing the new song “Better With You,” I heard the guys were blubbering like they didn’t know what to say, but one immediately exclaimed, “Wow, that’s a HIT!”

  • Sue

    The whole event was a show case to Kris new songs (he sang 8 new songs) of his second album! Plus two hits from his first album, & you can only write about the fun cover he did without even rehearsing & you built the whole article on? It seems you like him very much!

  • Bella Randolph

    These sound so cool.