‘SNL’ Showcases Karmin, Honors Whitney Houston

Offbeat pop duo Karmin punctuated their remarkable journey from “Look At Me Now” re-makers to mainstream stars with an appearance on the Saturday Night Live stage, where they knocked out performances of two original songs, including the surprisingly peppy “Broken Hearted”. As with Lana Del Rey’s SNL performance (oh, did you hear about that?), it’s likely the first time casual pop fans may see or hear from an Internet phenom out to prove their mettle. How did they fare making the leap from computer screen to TV screen? Watch — and catch SNL‘s nod to Whitney Houston — below.

The duo is working on their forthcoming major-label debut Hello, and they have top-shelf producers and songwriters like Claude Kelly (Bruno Mars’ “Grenade”, Adam Lambert’s “Better Than I Know Myself”) in their corner. Despite the stakes of their late-night TV appearance, Karmin’s Amy Heidemann told Entertainment Weekly that “We’re not really nervous!” Or, as her cohort (and boyfriend) Nick Noonan put it, “[SNL] is like our coming-out party.”

Karmin, “Brokenhearted”

Karmin, “I Told You So”

Karmin’s appearance on the show (hosted by Zooey Deschanel) was somewhat overshadowed, of course by the death of Whitney Houston. And the show did briefly note the events of the evening, via a photo of Houston from her long-ago appearance.

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  • John

    She looked great in those pants and she’s kind of cute, so I’m a fan.

  • Yuck

    This girl needs to learn to dance with her legs closed. Tonight on SNL she was flapping her knees around every chance she got and it was really grossing me out. I felt like I could smell it through the TV.

  • Nolo

    Too funny! You comment made me want to watch this video. I got a new song now thanx!

  • MusicManDave

    Loved it. She reminds me a little of Toni Basil “Mickey” Very POP and current. Like the raping. They should do well on the charts.

  • T.

    at least it would smell fresher than Madonna’s kochie. She’s the Queen of wide open spaces.

  • Aurealous

    Fly honey, with great pipes, a great rack, great legs………………………………….AND she can sing, I’m hooked. If she could just get rid of that dweeb fiance on the synthesizer, (the goof that kept staring directly into the camera….creeping me out), she’d be perfect!

  • http://idolator New Fan

    Never saw them before this. Am in love with her instantly!! Her voice is pure pop gold!

  • bob

    Saw them in NY at a private showcase at CMJ and have been a huge fan ever since. “Hello” is out now!!