Nicki Minaj Keeps Us “Young Forever” In New Song

Nicki Minaj sings about timeless love in the new “Young Forever”, a candy-coated ballad of unknown origins. Reportedly produced by Dr. Luke, the song is of course rumored to be from her upcoming Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded release, and it complicates what is already expected to be a busy day for the Grammy-nominated Harajuku Barbie (since she’s expected to perform a different new song, “Roman Holiday”, on the telecast). Listen below.

“Frozen in time / Always be mine / Baby boy, you’ll be young forever,” Nicki sings in her latest (rap-free) pop blockbuster. She sounds just a little wistful, just like she did in the “Marilyn Monroe” track (also of unknown provenance) that surfaced a week ago. That might’ve made this one ideal for Valentine’s Day (the album’s original release date). Make sure to listen through the bridge — Nicki shows just a little extra vocal power.

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  • danny

    What is this crap? Is she Katy Perry now? Good song but this chick is all over the place.

  • nicki minaj

    shut the hell up

  • nicki minaj


  • Navon Doinher

    Love this song

  • OnlyHatinOnTheHaters

    well danny if you didnt already know, a LOT of people and record labels always told nicki that she couldnt rap and sing on the same cd (which she mentions in ‘still i rise) ,, well she still does rise and she proved all those haters wrong because the album is the number one album in the uk 2010… she is the first female rapper to do so might i add.. so keep ur hatin else where… BILLBOARD BITCHES!!!

  • OnlyHatinOnTheHaters

    lol 2012 sorry