Grammy Gun Girl Sasha Gradiva Blasts Onto The Red Carpet (PHOTOS)

Whoa! Now that’s one way to get some attention on the red carpet — Russian dance-pop singer Sasha Gradiva displayed her right to bear arms on her arms by appearing with one appendage covered in guns at the 2012 Grammys red carpet. Now we just hope that whoever she’s rooting for to win tonight gets their due — or else! (Hopefully, none of these are loaded.) Head below for a closer look — just not too close, please.grammy-gun-girl-sasha-gradiva-2Did you find Sasha’s look explosive? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments.

(Photos via Getty.)

  • Pinchies

    This is really stupid in my opinion. Makes no sense. What is the point?

  • Leonid Gurevich

    The POINT is to collect all the weapons of the world and use them in art only – couture for instance.


    That’s the point.

    Leonid Gurevich (Sasha Gradiva’s stylist)

  • http://Facebook Diane

    If you have to explain then it didn’t work.

  • Bernard Sampson

    ummm…EVERYONE is talking about Sasha Gradiva now – so HELL YEAH it worked!!!! Leonid Gurevich rocks!!!!

  • nicolette

    who is the designer for her actual dress? i love it! i want something like that for my wedding.

  • Anka

    Russians wrote their own comments as usual, I see

  • Gungirl

    Very sexy…

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