Deadmau5 Wears Skrillex’s Phone Number On Grammys Red Carpet (PHOTO)

If you’d like to call up Skrillex to congratulate him on his three Grammy wins so far, now’s your chance. Deadmau5 has made it easy for you by displaying the dubstep DJ’s cell phone number on his T-shirt! (Deadmau5 must have known Skrillex was about to beat him in the dance categories.) The digits appeared above the text “u mad bro?” Fortunately, the Best New Artist nominee seems to be taking it in stride, as he laughed it off on Twitter. See the full-sized photo and Skrillex’s tweet after the jump.

“Haha @deadmau5 just wore my phone number on his fokin shirt on tv gotta retire this phone,” Skrillex tweeted in response, so clearly there’s no bad blood between the Grammy competitors.

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  • jones

    they are friends before competitors…do your research please!

  • Brooke

    Deadmau5 discovered and published Skrillex for Pete (Tong’s) sake!

  • Brandon

    Apparently the ability to research the topic in discussion is not a requirement to post articles for this website.

  • Trollin in the deep

    “Grammy competitors” – meaning they were “competing” against each other for Grammys. Context clues people…


    “competing” “skrillex might beat deadmau5″ HAHAHAHA deadmau5 MADE sh$ttex.

  • don

    deadmau5 you rock n roll

  • don

    deadmau5 you rock

  • gee

    deadmau5 is a better producer but skrillex is more popular. I like them both though. Everything said above is correct btw.

  • sindicate

    what the fawk yo? thts bull$h!t

  • sindicate

    there is one thing about deadmau5 and skrilex. skrillex is a ppular f#ckin guy and made the futures generation. deadmau5 is jt a usudjso dont worry about him!

  • sindicate

    there is one thing about deadmau5 and skrilex. skrillex is a popular f#ckin guy and made the futures generation. deadmau5 is jt a usual dj
    so dont worry about him!

  • sindicate

    deadmau5`s songs suck.deadmau5 day sucks.YOU deadmau5 suck.


    i cant believe deadmau5 would do that skrillex is awesome deadmau5 you may have good music but skrillex tops the freaking dubstep food chain he’s like the lion and deadmau5 is the lizard GO FREAKING SKRILLEX WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mau5eezz

    R u freaking kidding me?SKRILLEX L0VR222? deadmau5 rocks, skrillex is the prince of dubstep, but deadmau5 is the king! Have you heard raise your weapon or ghosts n stuff, he is by far the best in the electronic music business, it’s like how korn is the prince of metal, but Metallica is the king, see what I’m saying?…deadmau5 & Metallica and korn & Skrillex…Deadmau5!!!!!!Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Mau5eezz

    Ok everyone buy deadmau5, the first deadmau5 record you see in ANY store!!!go NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • James Jackson
  • James Jackson
  • hug avenue publicite

    Captivant papier j’apprécie cette façon d’analyser: intelligent et agréable. Avec l’impatience de feuilleter la continuation.