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  • Ben

    didn’t Madonna wear black n Gold last Sunday for the Superbowl?

  • josh

    oh yeah and madonna invented black and gold clothing

  • anthony

    Lmfao at the first two comments. 1. Who cares who wore it, so did Carrie Underwood wear Black and Gold! 2. this is Versace so Fierce in it and Nicki love you both :)

  • Madison Chua

    Absolutely stunning. Love Versace.

  • John


  • Xadax

    Goodbye Lady Reductive! Adele wins & you & your bashing delusional monsters can’t do nothing about it. Album of the decade? Please…

  • Juvi

    super and every idiot in this world wore some day balck and gold so shut up haters THX

  • Juvi

    A little massage for The Born This Way Ball because its gonna be A Monster Kingdom

  • MIAMI1

    She looks beautiful ..sooo sexy!
    Just because Madonna wore same colors, now those colors are untouchable. WOWW! LOL
    I bet if any other artist had done that you wouldn’t be bashing about it. — H.A.T.E.R.S

  • Ikuiku

    Wow, I really like her after this Grammys. So classy, and she looked so happy when Adele won those awards. And scepter’s gorgeous ;D

  • GENE

    LOVE both Madonna and GAGA. Loved the scepter, but loved the Winged CROWN even MORE.. BOTH looked STUNNING in black n GOLD>

  • meghan

    I’m really sorry but I can’t believe everyone thinks she looks “sexy” and “beautiful” she looks like a clown to me and I don’t think it’s appropriate to wear to a red carpet event