Watch Jennifer Hudson’s Whitney Houston Tribute At The 2012 Grammy Awards

Feb 12th, 2012 // 16 Comments
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Jennifer Hudson’s buzzed-about Grammy tribute to Whitney Houston turned out to be everything it should’ve been: it was clean, elegant and solely focused on remembering Houston’s singular voice. Hudson stood in a solitary spotlight to sing a brief rendition of “I Will Always Love You”, the song Houston made legendary with the best-selling The Bodyguard soundtrack. Hudson’s performance was faithful to Houston’s until the end, as she added, her voice breaking slightly, “Whitney, we will always love you.” Watch the 2012 Grammy Awards‘ most emotional moment below.

The performance by Hudson, a burgeoning fashion trend-setter and favorite of President Obama, capped a remarkable rolling, 24-hour memorial to Houston, who died suddenly under still unknown circumstances at age 48. The selection of the song from The Bodyguard, of course, served as a subtle reminder that that album holds the record for the most weeks atop the Billboard album chart, at least for a few days longer, until Adele’s 21 matches it.

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  1. D

    It was indeed a great performance.

    Although The Bodyguard doesn’t hold the record for most weeks at #1. It’s just the most recent album to have held that spot for 20 weeks (Blue Hawaii also had 20 weeks in 1961-62). The record for longest run at #1 was the West Side Story soundtrack with 54 weeks. There are a total of 8 albums with a run of more that 21 weeks at #1 on the album chart.

  2. KiminHouston

    Very touching tribute to a woman she had so much respect and love for.

  3. Julianna

    Ok. but at the same time we arent talking about those albums or artists right now; therefore, that statement was meaningless.

  4. josh

    for me it was the highlight
    jennifer, unlike so many other, did the song justice and i think that her voice is underrated
    i think it was the best vocal performance of the night

  5. Angie

    I agree! Jennifer could become the new Whitney. Not to take her Place, but to carry on!

  6. Lizzzzz

    Her tribute was BEAUTIFUL and she changed it perfectly to make it her own and to respect Whitney’s legacy. I hope she sings it at the funeral but it will be too sad.

  7. You’d think by the media coverage of Whitney Houston the we all missed something. She was a great singer that lived life with a coke filled nose and drowned in a bathtub. Why the press?

  8. Els Sumter

    I agree. Jennifer did it all!! Very great performance..She blew me away.

  9. Beryl

    Super job by a outstanding performer.

    Ms Hudson has a way of making songs her own without mimicking the artists who made the songs great. She did the same with “Over The Rainbow” and “And I’m Telling You”. (Patti LaBelle & Jennifer Holiday, respectively)

    RIP Whitney!

  10. Jessi

    Yuck. She should have sung it like the original if it’s supposed to be a tribute. She’s just trying to further her career with this.

  11. Whitney and Hudson are just soo beautiful.
    To add to their beauty is their soulfull voice. I don’t know if there was a better way to give tribute to Whitney.
    Gospel music is soo soulfoul and African-American can do it right.

  12. Sheila

    Jennifer did a great job. To the individual who says that she should have done it like Whitney is wrong. Of course, you have your opinion but she wasn’t mimicking Whitney, she was giving her a tribute. There is a difference

  13. kay

    It was ok Whiney Houston was a great singer so is Jennifer Hudson but she’s no Whitney Houston she did no justice to the song !

    I hope she is not just trying to furhter her career it will never pan out if she is

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