Nicki Minaj’s New Single “Starships”: Listen

Are you still unable to exorcise the frightening image of Nicki Minaj’s disturbing Grammy Awards performance of “Roman Holiday” from your mind? The perfect cure might just be her new offering, “Starships”, which is just as poppy and upbeat as Minaj’s 2011 summer smash “Super Bass” (if not more). Hear it below!

“Starships were meant to fly, hands up and touch the sky / can’t stop ’cause we’re so high, let’s do this one more time,” Minaj sings on the chorus to “Starships”, a song that plays like the female equivalent of Taio Cruz’s “Dynamite”.

The track was produced by RedOne and serves as yet another preview of Nicki’s forthcoming sophomore LP Roman Reloaded (due out April 3).

We’ll say this: “Starships” is much more hummable than “Stupid Hoe”. And as far as mindless pop tunes about dancing and partying go, it’s one of the least offensive ones we’ve heard (barring the F-word dropped in the middle). Expect it to be her next big hit after the David Guetta collab “Turn Me On”.

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  • Jed Camara Ocot

    Honestly, after “Roman in Moscow,” “Stupid Hoe,” and even “Roman Holiday,” this song doesn’t sound like an official first single, it’s a big letdown. It sounds too safe, something that she was forced to record. I’m beginning to see why her album was pushed back….maybe to record more songs like this? Yeah, it’s catchy and fun but for someone of Nicki’s capacity it just sounds like it would be a bonus track.

  • Kerry

    This is a whole lot better than anything else she’s released so far (apart from Turn Me On). Still nothing to scream about though…. Kind of losing my faith in Nicki

  • Xcaliver

    I am not usually on the whole Gaga wannabe bandwagon but let’s see

    She working with RedOne
    She hired LaurieAnn Gibson
    She completely looks like Gaga in this photo
    She ripped off Gaga 09 VMA performance and it made weirder
    She completely changed her genre from rap to pop

    Nicki just stop.

    • Jed Camara Ocot

      so basically RedOne and LaurieAnn should just not be hired by anyone else but Gaga? They’ve gotta make their money elsewhere. Laurieann has been choreographing for everyone from Brandy to Danity Kane. As for RedOne, they’ve been working with people like New Kids on the Block to the Backstreet Boys. And is it because she has blonde hair that she ‘looks’ like Gaga? I suppose Gaga came up with that too?
      Nicki Minaj is a rapper whereas Gaga is a singer. As far as stage theatrics and crazy outfits go, I think that’s as far as the comparisons go.

  • Nyan

    I really like it… However, I hate how she includes the “on the floor, give me some more” part that is so overused… Roman in Moscow is good, Stupid Hoe, bad, and Roman Holiday, unknown since I could not understand anything… I hope she has realized that the public is not reacting so great to Roman as her fans have. I think she would have been fine just making a Roman’s Revenge Part 2… Oh well…. Haha.

  • RtA1913

    Horrible, she cannot sing, and the song looks so tired, i feel like i’ve listened to it a lot before. Someone just tell me she is a rapper or a wannabe-singer, well not that it matters she suck at doing both, this may end up being a hit but it doesn’t deserve to, all the songs she has released are BAD, and Turn Me On it is not her song it is David’s (which ultimately is a ripoff of Only Girl)

    Minaj just stop, you are destroying your own career

  • RtA1913

    Ok the song it’s not THAT horrible, anyway it’s not #1 material just another cute-pop-generic number, my problem here is she is supposed to be a rapper, not saying she cannot change genres it is ok, if she wants to do it, but the problem is she does not have the talent to do it, she CANNOT sing, there are other pop stars that struggle to sing (see katy perry) but they are not that horrible live as minaj!

  • Josh

    It’s nothing amazing. Just another pop song that will be overplayed on the radio…thank god I don’t listen to the radio cause all that is played is this kind of stuff and LMFAO. It’s really is not #1 material, yet the public listens to it and will love it cause the radio will play it and play it convincing listeners it’s a hit. Do you think Katy got 6 #1′s from talent and being so “good”? Nah, they burned her music like no tomorrow and that’s exactly what Nicki is now, nothing but burned music. Also, it sounds really like nothing new, it all sounds familiar and maybe that’s why the public will be dumb and be all over it. Ehh I lost hope with the radio stations. Just the same people being played over and over again.

  • gigglezzz

    She should have sang this at the grammys.

  • joseph

    wow i am so disappointed, this song is so wack

  • josh

    her music is so soft
    its so poppy i dont think it should even be considered rap
    i think the reason why shes transitioning into pop is because if she went hardcore rap then she woudn’t sell or chart as high

  • carol

    Ilove nickiminja,soooo much love her loads&loads&loads she a total babe!!wish i were her,love her song-starships