Cassie Crowns Her “King Of Hearts” With New Video

Cassie first teased with a preview of her “King Of Hearts” video in January ahead of the full song’s online release late last week. And now, appropriately, the love-seeker has premiered the full vid for her J2-produced single on Valentine’s Day. Cassie’s paper-thin vocals are delivered without much oomph, we’re afraid. (That’s surely part of her charm at this point?) So how does the video hold up? Watch below. Cassie table-dances, writhes in a bathtub, poses in front of a wind machine and takes out her taped-up ta-tas in her latest visual, and all the while, the King Of Hearts remains fairly absent.

Cassie — “King Of Hearts”

We do occasionally see a hooded figure stalking around. But in the end we’re left to wonder whether or not the so-called king was just a figment of Cassie’s imagination?

As usual when it comes to Diddy’s sassy protege, the mind, it boggles.