Garbage Preview New Song “I Hate Love” With Video Containing Fan Art

As a bit of counter-programming on Valentine’s Day, Garbage offered up a video that previews new track “I Hate Love”. The clip, which contains a “collection of art submitted by [their] darkling fans”, is a full minute long, and it assures us that Shirley Manson & Co. have hardly lost their edge since the ’00s. “I Hate Love” will appear on Garbage’s fifth LP Not Your Kind Of People (due out May 15). Listen below!

We’re just happy that “I Hate Love” sounds like vintage Garbage, i.e. the perfect blend of squelching guitars, threatening beats and Shirley’s haunting vocals.

What do you think of this snippet of the band’s new track?

  • Victor

    “We’re just happy that “I Hate Love” sounds like vintage Garbage”.

    Erm… no, it doesn’t. This is the most electronic Garbage has ever gone. Not even in their bizarre phase (circa 2001) did they make such a heavily synthesized song as this one. It’s not bad, but it scares me that they may have lost their alt. rock roots.

  • Devin

    I think it could be good. I’m all for the electronic thing…I’ve been writing electronic for 12 years. I do hope, though, that Shirley’s voice stands up front more than this. The drawn out background sound is ok for trance, but she is a frontwoman!

  •!/georgatoss Pietro (@georgatoss)

    Victor, actually it reminds a bit “Hammering in my Head” which is not bad. Plus I do believe this is the song fading out. Perhaps it could be a little more alt.Rock than it seems (at least I hope so).

  • Luis Gracia

    @Victor. You do know that Version 2.0 was heavily electronic based? The guitars have always been played in each of their songs, but the electronic element has always been there ever since they started.

  • Marco Solari

    As a diehard fan I’m sorry to read some of the people who have commented seem dissapointed – the vast majority of long term fans have been highly enthusiastic in their praise of the clips that have been previewed so far, I Hate Love included.
    I love it personally I think it sounds loud, noisy and fresh. Problem is, the audio will always be compromised through You Tube so reserve final judgement on the finished article. Sonically it sounds more exciting than Bleed Like Me
    If you listen to the other clips, some are much more guitar based

  • James Conley

    Sounds a lot like Version 2.0, the guitars especially grind the way they did in “Hammering in My Head” like @Pietro mentioned, I’m really REALLY excited for this album. The snippets they’ve posted in various little clips on their Facebook page all have this great vibe that’s different but distinctly Garbage.

  • Luis Gracia

    It reminds me of a haunting version of Special.

  • Trashmania

    Garbage has no alternative rock roots at all, their fourth album is the only one that can be called that way. Their third album, bizarre as you call it, was MTV pop sound. However their first two albums were very electronic, as the matter of fact the band name comes from the fact that they mixed hundreds of left over samples into a single song on the first album so some band friend jokingly called it “garbage” and the name stayed.

  • GZZZzzz

    hmmm, the synths are a bit too poppy/happy imho.
    Hammering in my head was way darker and I hope
    the rest of the new album will be as well.

  • joseUp

    Im such a great fan of garbage but this sounds like Memories by David guetta and Kid Cudi, however can´t wait for the album!!!

  • Brenda Zaret

    Love it! I love I Hate Love!