Chris Brown Blasts His Critics By Boasting About His Grammy Win

Chris Brown’s appearance at the 2012 Grammy Awards in two separate performances — as well as at the podium accepting the Grammy for Best R&B Album — has many people questioning why the Recording Academy is rewarding a man who violently assaulted a woman, as well as inviting him to perform on the show. But Brown has a simple message for all his critics: “HATE ALL U WANT BECUZ I GOT A GRAMMY Now! That’s the ultimate F**K OFF!” Brown tweeted on Tuesday.

Brown’s tweet was quickly deleted, as well as a series of previous tweets reportedly saying the following:

“Strange how we pick and choose who to hate! Let me ask u this. Our society is full of rappers (which I listen to) who have sold drugs (poisoning). But yet we glorify them and imitate everything they do. Then right before the worlds eyes a man shows how he can make a Big mistake and learn from it, but still has to deal with day to day hatred! You guys love to hate!!! But guess what???”

But did Brown write these messages himself? “Brown didn’t Tweet that, someone does his postings to Twitter and when he saw that he ordered it taken down immediately,” a source told Radar Online. That would be easier to believe if posting profanity-ridden rants and then swiftly deleting them wasn’t typical behavior for @chrisbrown. So if Chris is truly interested in the public understanding his side and sympathizing with him, telling his detractors to “F**CK OFF!” while boasting about his Grammy win really isn’t the best way to go about that.

It’s been three years since Brown aggressively beat Rihanna during a fight the two had after attending Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party in Beverly Hills. Though we can’t blame the “Look At Me Now” artist from accepting the invitation to perform on the show — it’s his right to promote his music and continue to develop his career — should the Recording Academy have even asked?

There is currently a petition making the rounds, demanding an apology from the Recording Academy for not only inviting Brown to perform, but for equating The Grammy Awards as a domestic abuse victim.

“I think people deserve a second chance, you know,” said Grammy Executive Producer Ken Ehrlich, explaining why Brown was invited on the show. “If you’ll note, he has not been on the Grammys for the past few years and it may have taken us a while to kind of get over the fact that we were the victim of what happened.”

He continues: “What (Brown has) done to reclaim his career and seemingly the kind of person that he has become makes him — I don’t even want to use the word eligible — but you know, it’s time.”

Do you agree with Ehrlich? Or has Brown had enough second chance opportunities? Make your own voice be heard in our poll.


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  • RtA1913

    I’m going to be honest, Adele saved the Grammys! If she wouldn’t have performed or even present, those awards would have been complete garbage They are supposed to be the most important and critical acclaimed awards show in music! But this Sunday they left too much to be desired performances wise and even nominations, I mean it was a no brainer Adele was gonna win, but she wasn’t the only one who released a great album! The fact they say they were the “victims” of the incident makes me wanna throw up! I know they had to make changes last minuted cause both (Rihanna and Brown) were supposed to perform, but how can they say cutting performances of the show is more important than the big problem they were having! And it is not only about Rihanna (the actual victim you know) but even Brown who, I assume, was in the worst situation of his life! The Grammys been more deplorable with time but the fact they moved on in 2 years it’s disgusting! Now i understand why they snubbed Rated R and Grafitti (which was a horrible album anyway), they are the victims (?) of the former couple

    As of Brown, well I don’t wanna go in too deep since I’m a Rihanna fan so I’m not too biased, but i think he moved on too soon, he released an album the same year of the assault, I’ve never seen him actually sorry in any interview, and the fact that he keeps whining about how people attack him and being such an immature (tweets), douche (rants) and mad guy (GMA “incident”) does not help to clean his image. He should have waited more to try to retake his career, at the end he is not missed you know he is a talentless singer (autotune to the max, always lipsync), a tired dancer (always the same moves) and ugly (what did Rihanna see in him?). And how FAME won R&B album? It was full of dancepop trash not even cool! And the fact that his fanbase is full of woman scares me, they do not respect themselves?

  • sydd

    OK first let my start by saying that i am a FEMALE and 16 years of age and i absolutely positively believe in woman’s rights and am open with talking about domestic violence. To begin with, Chris Brown was wrong for what took place some YEARS back. Hands down. But COME ONE. There are always two sides to a story and Rihanna is not innocent either. i mean, he had to be pushed to that point. And everybody has PERSONAL imperfections that originated from a source that occurred in their life. Chris Brown has witnessed domestic violence and abuse concerning his mother and the men in her life. TRUE, that doesn’t mean he should then grow up to be a “woman beater” but that does have a LOT to do with his actions and even the words that he speaks today. If you haven’t noticed, Chris Brown is a big KID and seems to want desperately to fit in and be in the “norm”. Chris Brown is also a MALE, a dominant one at that ! And I’m not trying to defend Chris Brown because BOTH parties were WRONG. ACTUALLY, nobody really even KNOWS what took place in the car and what exactly was said !!!! Everybody just knows that Rihanna was beat and Chris Brown AUTOMATICALLY becomes the bad guy. Human nature ? Sure. We ALL tend to judge and jump to conclusions on a topic so touchy. But again, nobody really knows what happened but Chris Brown, Rihanna, and God. SOO on that note leave that alone and het over it already !!! That happened like 3 years ago, geez give him a break.! He apologized (you might not thought it was sincere) but in essence he did. I mean, the famous rapper T.I. has been incarcerated multiple times and the first time he APOLOGIZED and he went BACK and I don’t hear or see anybody brow beating him !!! GET OVER IT. its life. stuff happens. As for the Grammys, i acually LIKED Chris Brown’s performance. It brought back to the old days when Chris Brown wasn’t about sex and nastiness but about SINGING and DANCE !! He did GREAT ! As for Rihanna, i am really disappointed in her. i feel like she fell off in a major way. From what i have been seeing from her, interviews, performances and just interactions with other people, i feel as though she has become very DARK and way too COCKY. And it even shows in her music ! I feel as though BOTH Chris Brown and Rihanna have lost that “spark” that first caught our attention when they first stepped on the scene. They have BOTH became raunchy, oh so sexual, drug (marijuana) referencing, and just overall demoraliized themselves. Between Rhianna’s attitude and EXPLICIT lyrics and Chris Brown’s sexual lyrics and snappy attitude (from being harassed and brow beated), i am beginning to not care for them at all. but ENOUGH about those two, how about Nicki Minaj’s performance ehh ? . . lol

  • bjm

    his new song is horrible…and his singing was not very good. i’m not a huge rihanna fan…but the song sounds like a bad version of “we found love”. and as far as him getting a grammy for his cd….ummm…the albums up for that award were lackluster….the ledisi cd was the best of the bunch….and i can make a list of ones that should have been nominated instead. chris brown is a smug ass in my opinion.

  • sydd

    one question @ RtA 1913. is the world supposed to stop because one incident happened (domestic violence), which occurs ALL day EVERYDAY.? are people supposed to just up and quit on Chris Brown because he made a MISTAKE.? are all the WOMEN supposed to dislike him because he put his hands on a female.? if that’s the case then half of those women should up and quit on their fathers, uncles, male friends, etc. i mean, it’s not like Chris Brown beat THOSE women. so yes, i’m assuming that they DO have respect for themselves AND the feelings of others. the world doesn’t just STOP and give up on a humanly mistake.

    • Becky Bain

      Chris Brown didn’t make “a mistake” – he didn’t accidentally beat Rihanna. He made a choice to do that in that moment. That’s not a “mistake.”

  • Kay

    @Sydd… So to take your argument a few steps further, women should feel okay with rapists and murderers because after all, if those criminals didn’t rape them or murder THEM? This is a crazy argument. No. Chris Brown did wrong. Until he shows that he has changed, I refuse to support him. I don’t hate him. I just think he needs a lot of help. By the industry and the Grammy’s rewarding him with performance slots and awards, it’s sending Chris Brown the message that his behavior is okay, when it’s not. He still has anger issues. He hasn’t changed one bit.


    since we are not immortal their is no one on this planet that has a perfect life, free from bad mistakes or making bad decisions. therefore we go through that phase in life that constitutes a second chance, so chris brown deserves another chance, he must be doing something right because as the song goes LOOK AT ME NOW, the haters are going to hate no matter what he does, so in my opinion chris brown, just keep it moving because the sky is the limit!!!

  • deefirst

    CHRIS BROWN DANCING IS HORRIBLE! That jumping on and off those cubes was boring and Rihanna is boring and letting guys hump her on stage is old and her jamacian dancing is old and her hair looks crackheadish and she is just a whorish person. I personally think she is a very violent person who loves violent men. I hope they get back together and move to a small island and never come back!

  • Kita

    As a 32 year old woman, I have learned that people don’t always make the best judgement. We have all done things that we shouldn’t have, some worse than others. If people are so quick to criticize that everyone that has done something wrong not be invited to the grammy’s, then we would never have a show. I’m all for people paying for their wrongs and he did. Not defending his behavior at all. However, there is a point where we all must realize, that no one on this Earth is perfect. So yes he deserves a second chance to get it right. We all do

  • sassafrass

    didnt think it was possible for chris brown to out douche himself – boy was i wrong

  • KnicksFan

    Chris Brown does deserve a second chance, but will screw up again. Its his personality. Its his DNA. He wont be able to help himself. His arrogance and narrcissism will cost him another embarrassing moment and another beautiful, itelligent woman. His mental state is that of Tiger Woods who thinks he is entitled to do what he wants and thinks its ok. Your NOT God Chris and no one stays on the top forever…no one. If you dont want to be alone when you come back down from the clouds, humble yourself and realize who you are or you will be.

  • Denise

    RtA1913 – I couldn’t have said it better!!! I agree with everything you just said….. 110%!!!

  • Denise

    Kita- Think about your comments when someone is slamming your FACE into the dashboard of his car…. SPECIAL!!! THE WORST PART ID THAT HE IS NOT SORRY!!!!! HE’S A SPOILED, ARROGANT ASS!!! Fast on the tail of being as delusional and brimming with absurd DELUSIONS OF GRANDIOSITY as Kanye West…. BUT- at least Kanye isn’t VIOLENT!!! He wouldn’t want to hurt his hand, ya know…

  • lex1982

    my statement is simple to those that are so quick to judge Chris on his behavor…until you are perfect in everyway stop trying to judge another person…Chris has apologized on several occasions if Rihanna has gotten over you people should realized that maybe just maybe you are judging w/o all the facts. Besides all that it is not our place to judge…if you don’t like him or want to buy his music fine but trust your spending more time thinking about him than he is about you because bottomline “ONE MONKEY DON’T STOP NO SHOW” you can hate all you want and while you’re hating he’s still going to be rich lol and you’re well…you know

    In 1Cor. 6:2-3 Jesus authorizes us to judge. Judge we must else we could not discern good from bad, proper from improper, righteousness from evil. But judge behavior, not the individual; the deed not the doer; the choice not the chooser. The individual/doer/chooser is accountable for his/her deed/choice, but judge the deed/choice in your judgment. Jesus could see a king in a shepherd boy. And an Apostle in a murderer. So while we must judge one’s behavior we must we try to nurture the goodness in an individual: to separate the deed from the doer.

  • TheFlyGeek

    FAME was a great album! When I heard it I knew it destined to get a grammy and I’m freaking 31 years-old and hate teeny bopper music. I don’t agree with Chris weird behavior but talented is talented….okay I must admit that first grammy performance was not the best, actually quite boring. He needed the second to redeem himself, which he did. I’m proud of Chris!

  • Wilda

    I’m a woman and I respect myself. Some people just kills me, like they have never done anything wrong in their lives. The difference between us and Chris Brown is, he’s a celebrity and in the public eye so he got caught and we didn’t. If Jesus was on earth today and there writing in the dirt why Chris haters are accusing him, and Jesus answer them by saying “He that is without sin cast the first stone” I believe we all would tuck tail and run. None of us is without sin!!! We all have something in our lives to be ashame of. Stop the senseless hate, and show some love. Love conquer a multitude of sin. opps, but u probably don’t believe in the Son of God or read the bible. If u did you wouldn’t be so quick to judge others. Examine yourself first before u try to clean up around someone else back door. #justsaying ……but the TRUTH!!!

  • keesha

    who should care if he hit her she hit him why is it a woman can throw a lick and a man cant so she had bruises and they couldnt see his so what! im 31 and ive been in that situation plenty of times and i provoked most of them but i fought back and um rihanna is foreign i know DAMN well that heffa hit him first cause they do that so what the hell we go on worrying about what happen damn near 3yrs ago he won his grammy and plenty of other awards before and after that inncident so what let the man live chris brown need to be my friend so i can cuss all these mfrz dat dont like him or the situation out i love chris brown music and his personality keep doing what ya do and make um HATE! p.s. just please dont go back to rihanna cause it will only get worse a woman like that wont stop till you are broken stay up chris keep god first and everything else will fall into place! 1 luv

  • Ricardo, 18, UK

    Lol These Posts Make ME Laugh.
    No One Is Perfect, Everyone Has Done Something In Their Life They Wished They Hadn’t.
    I Know For A Fact That Anyone Disapproving Of Chris Brown Is Angry Themselves.
    After All Its Easier To Hate, Criticize And Be Angry Then To Forgive.
    Its Funny, I Bet If It Was The Other Way Round And Rihanna Hit Chris Brown, She Would Have Been Forgiven A Long Time Ago.
    Chris Browns Is Cool, Rihanna Is Cool, They Both Behave Stupidly Thats Probably Why They Are Attracted To Each Other.
    It Honestly Makes Me Sick To See All The Negativity Pushed Towards Him.
    After All, You Don’t Just In The Spur Of The Moment Hit Someone, It Takes Time To Get To That Level Of Physical Abuse, And In some Case’s Words Can Be More Hurtful Than Any Fist. How Do We Know She Didn’t Deserve It? How Do We Know That She Hasn’t Hit Him. How About People Stop Hating And Being Nosily And Stay Out His Personal Life ( And Hers) And Listen To The Music, If You Don’t Like His Music, Anything About Him Shouldn’t Affect You. Get Your Mind Out The Cutter.
    Its So Simple, If You Made The Choice To Hit Someone, You Know Its Wrong, Your Sorry, You Apologize, You’d Expect People To Forgive You Or AT LEAST Stop Bad Mouthing You. OR Wait I Know, You Lot Want Him To Spend The Rest Of His Life Apologizing Until You Say Its Okay. Ha, Typical

  • samantha

    ok so everyone’s having a freaking heat attack over 2 ppl thats making millions.. get da freak over it if Rihanna can why cant some of u.. Enough already!!!

  • Cici Jp

    SO>>> its ok to offend millions of Catholics letting Nicki Minaj do a tasteless performance involving a catholic priest impersonation and an exrocism.. thats ok… but its not ok to forgive someone who obviously made a mistake that has NOTHING to do with his musical talent or him as a professional artist..

    Its Christ Brown’s personal life. He obviously lost his temper and he was obviously provoked to do so. Was he wrong? Yes.. did he try to rehabilitate himself and learn from it YES…

    GET OVER IT PEOPLE… people change, he doesnt deserve to walk around the rest of his life with a black cloud over his head.. he didnt murder the bitch or diddle a child…




  • Tiffany Sunshine Jones Ferrell

    Cici Jp…… DITTO!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cuwen

    So you’re saying that Rihanna had to also bring it on herself? When people your age say stuff like this, it makes me really, really worried. No woman can do nothing, other than physically attack the man first, to warrant being attacked. I don’t care how far you push them. The man should turn around and leave, not act like a coward and punch. Please realize this and grow up not to be a victim but an intelligent young woman.