Whitney Houston Funeral: Aretha To Perform, Bobby Brown Asked Not To Attend

Feb 15th, 2012 // 16 Comments

Plans are underway for Whitney Houston’s funeral, which will take place this Saturday in New Jersey. Aretha Franklin (who recently covered “I Will Always Love You” in tribute to her goddaughter) will sing during the memorial, in a performance that will be streamed live online. Other attendees at Saturday’s invitation-only event include Whitney’s friend and mentor Clive Davis and Reverend Jesse Jackson, but the most notable absentee might be the star’s ex-husband Bobby Brown, who is reportedly not welcome.

“People connected to the Houston family have reached out to Bobby to warn him that he shouldn’t attempt to attend the funeral because the family isn’t fond of him,” reports TMZ. Brown wishes to attend to support his daughter Bobbi Kristina (who was hospitalized twice since her mother’s passing), and hopes the family can put aside their differences so they can mourn Houston together.

Bobby and Whitney, who divorced in 2007 after 15 years of marriage, had a volatile — and very public — love affair over the years. Many of Houston’s close family and friends accuse Brown for enabling Houston’s drug and alcohol abuse.

The funeral will take place at Newark’s New Hope Baptist Church, where Whitney sang in a choir during her youth. The singer will be laid to rest in the plot right next to her father’s grave at the Fairview Cemetery in Westfield, New Jersey.

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  2. Justin

    I’m sure that keeping up with the Kardashians will be there and other stars like Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt Justin Bieber will be there but saying that the her ex cant be there is stupid. Let go of the past problems.

  3. Justin Gault

    Its sad that she is gone and lost her life but why make her funeral into a huge money making spectacle? Why not just have her family and close friends that have always been there for her and not just a group of random celebs just so they can have their pic taken and say they were there!!! And yes her ex husband should be there and allowed to mourn his ex wife!

  4. Jesus H Christ

    I like how the family “reached out” to Bobby and then smacked him in the head. Not that he didn’t deserve it.

  5. MusicManDave

    I’m sorry but Bobby Brown should NOT be able to attend the funeral in my opinion. He disrespected the family and drove Whitney down a path she wasn’t able to turn in the right direction. They are all heartbroken and need to grieve without him. He can do his grieving at the tomstone when he’s all alone and apologies for all the mistakes he made while married to her. Shame on you BB. You don’t get a pass.

  6. Marie

    Whitney Was a Big Girl, Do not blame Bobby Brown or anyone else for that matter, Do not say she could not turn from a Path she was On, Because Anyone who TRULY wants to turn CAN with getting the Proper Help and taking it day by day! Bobby Brown Should be there for his Daughter and to pay his respects. I agree everyone should hold their tounge and let this day pass with Dignity, Respect and Love

  7. parent

    I disagree. Whitney divorced him. She was not into drugs and a destructive lifestyle until he came into the picture. Everyone agrees, he ruined her! and the family, her family, deserves to grieve without him there. She ended the destructive marriage, got sole custody of her daughter who is better off having his influence away from her, look where it got Whitney.. It is not in her daughters BEST INTEREST..

  8. geneve

    Despite the divorce and acrimony he is still connected to the family through his daughter. Absolutely he should be there by himself.no current wife or girlfriehd
    She is gone to a better place and whatever happened before is cancelled by death.
    Let us practice the christian way “Forgiveness” although we wont forget.

    Hate him again after the funeral if you must.
    By the way whose decision is this? should not Boobi C have a say in this.

  9. Glenn

    Disagreements are ONE thing and Abuse emotional, medical, and physical along with the reason in the end (though she allowed him and admits it through much trouble and pain) for her death is another!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How would you like a person who was ultimately responsible for the death of your loved one after 15 years? A person that was beautiful inside and out be able to attend. I had an aunt that look similar to Whitney and was shunned and emotionally abused and maybe physically by the twin brother while sick in a wheelchair! At the funeral he cried but out of guilt. Of course the family is upset!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And you all say step aside because he is her father!? He was NOT a father during the 15 years of her 19 while they were married. So, place aside the differences for a moment does not apply here.

  10. rosie

    I agree. He should be at the service. What happened before is in the past. Maybe the family should consider that the daughter may want him there. Even though Brown is blamed for Whitney’s drug and alcolhol abuse, she was an adult who could have made the choice to stay clean. It is always someone elses fault. No disrespect to Whitney. She was a beautiful talented person. Also so many people are saying that she was out of control the last while. Strange we never read anything about that. Since her death it seems every other person has an opinion on her so called bad behavior. I have yet to hear anyone say they are sorry to hear of her passing without adding the drug and alcohol senerio. May she rest in peace. No matter the cause of death, her death has occured and what a very sad event.

  11. John

    I can certainly see why the family would not want him there. Everyone is sad and hurting deeply, and yes Whitney was a grown woman responsible for her own decisions. But, Bobby Brown is greatly responsible for leading her down this devilish path of no return. Period. Of course the family should and will forgive him, but not now. Not at this moment of grief and deep pain. I cannot blame the family at all for not wanting him there. And I think if it were your child, who was a wholesome child in the beginning, and then ended up down a horrible path to death from a single human being, hell I don’t think any of us would want them there in our eyesight to spend those special last moments.

  12. No, Bobby shouldnt be there, he should be watching the funeral wit the public. I know its not his fault that whitney died but he distroyed her life. that all i ca say. sorry

  13. Jennifer

    I DO NOT think that BB should be able to attend. I find it amuzing that people are saying that BB didn’t have a hand in her addiction. Once you are addicted, it is very hard to see past that next hit. I watched a little bit of the interview on Oprah last night and she was interviewing Whitney. Whitney herself said that her drug was not pot, crack or coke but Bobby Brown. Whatever he was doing, she wanted to be involved. Therefore, she lost the fight before it ever began. My heart goes out to her though. It is such a tough thing to walk away from and you have to want this with all your heart or you won’t succeed. She said on Oprah that she did her “stint” in a 30 day program. Well, it doesn’t end with that 30 day stint. She needed a sponsor to get her through the 12 steps. And to keep going through those 12 steps over and over again until it catches. She so needed to give it more than 30 days. I so wish she would have. Think of how long the addiction lasted? It would take at least half that time to recover. My prayers are with Whitney and her family and friends. May you find some peace in all this loss. Please know that Whitney’s voice will live on forever. I lost my son at an early age, 25 and I do know the pain that comes with losing someone you love so very much. I pray you can find the peace that always alludes me. May Gob be with you all….

  14. Debbie Anna

    Well said I know if my mother was living and my ex showed up…Lord help him..Yes she was a big girl noone forced her,but as her husband he failed her..He spit on her total disrrespect ..he emotionally abusive to her among many other things…How can he face Cissy Houston..I dont know how he can face his daughter knowing what he done to her mother..Cissy has all the say this was her child..The pain of losing what u gave birth to nothing compares..My prayers to u Ms Cissy Houston may u find comfort knowing she cant be hurt anymore,,She is with her God..

  15. I have never read or heard about Bobby Brown holding a gun to Whitney’s head and forcing her to do drugs. It was her choice and her money. Bobby Christina loves her father. FATHER! That should mean something. Bobby was Whitneys choice. She picked him, she loved him, she married him and she had a child by him, not her family. Now for the sake of all that she has left, THEIR child, Bobby should be respected for that reason if no other. I loved Whitney too, but Bobby did not disrespect her, she disrespected herself. For grown adults, who claim to be Christians, FORGIVENESS is one of God’s laws. Not man’s, but God’s. What about that?? Right now Bobby is acting like the bigger Christian.

  16. No need to tell Bobby not to attend. Let him pay his last respects

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