Adam Lambert Announces “Mapril” Release Of ‘Trespassing’

Well, here’s some unfortunate news — Adam Lambert’s sophomore album Trespassing has been pushed back from its original March 20 release date. So when is it coming out now? “Mapril,” says Adam during an interview with Z100. Wait, is that March or April? Or April or May? We don’t know! Curse your vague answers, Glambert!

“I know it’s hard, but it’s not finished,” said Adam. “It needs to be finished. There are new songs we are doing last minute that are really good. Dr. Luke songs, so they are really good and very radio. It’s all for the best, even though it’s a tough thing to ask to wait. I want the album to be amaze-balls.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the radio host reads letters from Adam’s fans, including one from a girl who decides she can’t pick between “dark” Adam and “sweet” Adam from the “Better Than I Know Myself” video, so she’ll have to sleep with both. “I’m taken, lady!” replies Sauli’s man. (Keep dreaming, honey.)

In addition to working with hitmaker Dr. Luke (who produced “Better Than I Know Myself” with Claude Kelly), Adam recently told Arjan Writes that his LP will include a collaboration with Bruno Mars. He wasn’t kidding when he said it would be “very radio”, was he?

  • LC

    I would think Mapril means March – April? Or is that just wishful thinking? If if was April – May wouldn’t it be Apray?

  • Theresa Dailey

    Ok!! Even though it is difficult to wait we have to be patient. Just like anything else that is anticipated it takes time to get it the way the artist wants it. For instance … you wouldn’t take a cake out of the oven before it was thoroughly baked … would you … just because everybody is clamoring for dessert … right?? Let the Master create his Masterpiece … I KNOW it will be worth waiting for!! ADAM NEVER DISAPPOINTS!!!


  • luvadam

    I will wait patiently for the album, just a little disappointed because the time was drawing near and was getting excited, but I know it will be worth the wait, and whomever drew the comparison to a cake is right, we don’t want to take it out before its done, so keep creating Adam, we love you, and I am sure we will love it whenever it comes out.

  • Melissa Pauls

    I’m excited for these new song and collab opportunities that came in at the last minute! Sounds like peeps think it’s a hot project and wanna get onboard. I will be here ready to hand over my cash for new musics whenever Adam is done!

  • theo

    I’m fine with waiting if it means a few more radio friendly songs. I love Better Than I Know Myself (so pretty) but don’t think it is a dance song at all and from the Rolling Stone article saying Adam was going to “storm the dance floor” I was confused RCA put BTIKM out as the first single.

    Radio stations are so fickle, last era they would not play For Your Entertainment bcuz the lyrics were to sexy for a gay man and now BTIKM is too safe. I bet Adam is really saying.. Whataya Want From Me :)

  • Emma

    im sad, but i luv Adam, so i can wait…. just release it as soon as u can, Adam! :)

  • Daniel

    Hmm, the record execs probably didn’t like the finished product and asked him to record some more commercial songs. It’s usually the reason an album gets pushed back because “it isn’t finished.”

  • Stephanie

    It’s long wait for the album is released. I would love to hear the new songs. For me it is the only singer I listen every day. His music inspires me and take me into his world. I can listen to so many times. I love Adam Lambert and he is my idol.

  • Maria

    did they ACTUALLY not mention the PERVBERTS? :o