Madonna Now Has 38 Top 10 Hits — But Did She Plagiarize For Her Latest?

This week Madonna’s lead MDNA single “Give Me All Your Luvin’” climbed up three positions to #10 on Billboard‘s Hot 100 chart, thus marking her 38th single to place in the Top 10. Of all the artists in the chart’s history, Madge is the leader in this respect. (The Beatles and the runners up, with 34 Top 10s to their credit.) Her last single to rank in the upper tier of the Hot 100 was “4 Minutes”, which reached #3 in 2008. That’s all fine and dandy, but unfortunately for The Material Girl, there now seems to be a storm of controversy brewing over “Give Me All Your Luvin’”.

Brazilian artist Joao Brasil is claiming that Madonna’s new single contains similar elements to his song “L.O.V.E. Banana”. Below is the video for the latter. See what you think.

Joao Brasil — “L.O.V.E. Banana”

What a classic. According to MTV UK, Brasil himself isn’t looking to tangle with Madge, but his record company may be considering legal action.

Here’s what he is reported to have said to the Brazilian newspaper Folha da Sao Pauolo:

“I still don’t understand what happened. I’m a huge fan of hers. If it’s plagiarism, then even better. She is always at the cutting edge of music, so it’s a good sign about what I do. It’s in [the record label's] hands, they’re looking at how to proceed and what they can do. But personally I don’t want to do anything. The last thing I need in my life is a fight with Madonna.”

If you ask us, the only similarity here is the female chanting “L-O-V-E”, which slightly resembles Nicki Minaj and M.I.A.’s cheerleader-esque shouting of “L-U-V, MADONNA” on the “Give Me All Your Luvin’” chorus.

One person who is taking Madonna to task over the “Luvin’” dust-up is onetime Deee-Lite singer Lady Miss Kier. Below are her thoughts on the matter, as posted on her tumblr account:

“that is the exact same hook of the song ( which is the only rememberable part of both songs ) in the same key , same delivery. oops..she did it again. she’ll probably pay them approx 500,000$ in hush money to retain writers credit or probably already did. it’s what she’s always done. she’s McDonna being herself.”

Perhaps Miss Kier is still smarting over the similarities between Deee-Lite’s World Clique single “Power Of Love” and Madonna’s Immaculate Collection single “Rescue Me”, both of which were released around the same time in late 1990 and contained the lyrical refrain “I believe in the power of love”?

Deee-Lite — “Power Of Love”

Side note: Lady Miss Kier, we’d just like to state that we are ready for a Deee-Lite reunion anytime.

Do you think there’s any merit to the claim that Madonna’s “Give Me All Your Luvin’” ripped off “L.O.V.E. Banana”? Let us know below, or by following us on Twitter and Facebook!

  • John


  • D.Scott

    The hooks are similar

  • Richard Craig Morales

    They’re not very similar at all to me either.

    Seriously everything has been done before and will be done again,
    I’m pretty sure this article has been plagiarized, give me an afternoon and a cup of coffee and I can make an argument about how anything and everything has been done before.

    I’m not the biggest fan of Give Me All Your Luvin, but it’s cute and catchy.
    Let it go and enjoy it for what it is (or isn’t).

  • Mike White

    I thought she was ripping off ZZ Top –

  • Richard Craig Morales

    I will also say, I probably would of never come across Joao Brasil’s song or video without him (her?) riding the wave of attention from this claim. Press is press for everyone, but seriously. Release something better the both of you!

  • MusicManDave

    Oh god this is too funny!! Some people need to get their ears checked.

  • Richard Craig Morales

    lol @Mike!

    I wonder if Luv is trademarked. Will that person sue too.

    One day I’m going to fart and owe someone royalties.

  • Japes01

    The songs sound nothing alike. And Lady Miss Kier is just mad she spent all her money on Crystal Meth and raving in the 90′s while Madonna was working out and working hard. I used to see that poor girl out all the time and she was always grinding her teeth and looked tweeked out of her head. That was back in the Alig days. God bless her but she is no creative genius and clearly bitter at the “Other” lower east side girl’s success.

  • Mike White

    I’m sorry but Rescue Me just sounds like an outtake from “Vogue”.

  • o anjo maltratado

    We live in a pagiarism world. Cammon this kind of news are so old fashion. Plagiarism is the way

  • Joshua Tignor

    These two songs sounds nothing alike, its another ploy to extort money from Madonna.

  • Jack Holström Schneider

    LOL Madonna experiencing Gaga era skepticism. Seems like the tables have turned.

  • Hellothere

    Funny how these songs sound more similar than Born This Way did to Express Yourself.

    This just goes to prove that its all a load of crap. Music sounds the same everywhere. Except Daft Punk, cause they are cool.

  • Nyan

    It’s a cheerleader chant… What do you expect?

  • Benjamin Arrowood

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she did. The Black Eyed Peas made it on plagiarism and the have been sued along with their label numerous times for ripping people off. There is no originality anymore.

  • Ray Wang

    Definitely sound like with some vibe from Girlfriends of Avril…….

    • Diego Sioli

      OMG! That’s True… O.O

  • lady miss kier

    Japes- i have never smoked meth , never liked cocaine and have never been out gurning as you say – you ought to be ashamed of yourself for spreading rumors about me. I speak my mind because i am confident in my knowledge of music. both songs are not well written but I’m tired of mediocre fans of Madonna giving praises to a thief and I’m not the only one saying it. you are deaf and blind if you havn’t noticed how fake your idol is-Just because i chose not to work with the crooks i met in the music industry dosnt mean i’m not a success- I have no regrets for walking away from a 7 album contract on the same label as madonna- the politics were rotten and i’m not a puppet- I am an original songwriter who takes my unique abilities seriously- do not speak of what you dont know lady miss kier

  • Boo

    You sound like a bitter saddo
    These songs sound nothing alike apart from the silly cheerleader chant which has been used millions of times. Stop calling Madonna a theif u washed up jealous hag.

  • John
  • abbie

    How the hell can Madonna be a thief when she’s probably never even heard this song or of the artist. You seem intent on dragging Madonna based on a cheerleader chant which is hilarious in itself. If that is the case I think all the collage girl cheerleaders should sue too because they sing similar chants on the field.

    Another thing I do not appreciate being called and I quote ‘mediocre fans of Madonna’, that says it all really, you seem pressed and hateful.

  • Abeni Garrett

    Japes01 – not only are your statements not100% false, pure lies and inflammatory..,

    u must really smoke Ms. Crystal to even want to start a nasty, low down, rumor like that.

    If you saw Kier in the Village in the 90′s, you are 40+ years old minimum, as I, and perhaps you are not aging gracefully with dignity or class.

    All the perfume on the L.E.S., can not hide the stench of a bitter bird, trying to spread bitter rumors based on no fact.

    And, are you Tone Death also? s you quite frankly have no rhythm. The hooks sound identical in beat and rhythm.

    Put the glad rod down and garner a listen to both songs HOOKs, and that’s where the $, through publishing, comes in. The one that writes the hooks can demand up to 50% of the song.

  • Xcaliver

    Does it matter, it’s flopping on the charts, she should of released girls gone wild first

  • Aaron Daker

    I have worked with Lady Miss Kier for years and she is one of the most creative and genius artists I have EVER met. After her band broke up in the 90s she moved to London and was not even around in the US music scene. I have never known her to do meth or coke or anything like that, she used to smoke weed but that is it! She is a devoted business woman and just wait until you hear her new music that will be released on itunes in 2012. As for the plagiarism being debated any musicians out there know that the hook was lifted. End of story.

  • Andy B.

    This song also rips a hook off the B-52s “Song for a Future Generation” . Give it a listen.

  • SIgners

    this is controversy?-you cannot teach an old dog new tricks, Madonna thrives on intimidating and ripping other people off, musicians and artists are easy targets…….most people I know think she’s a hack.

  • SIgners

    Kier is a “suffragette”, Madonna is a crook and a half, when ripping off others art they use only bits and samples to construct a larger product, one of Madonna’s lucky charms is to make everything seem super sweet and cool so when the people she steals from or abuses realize they have been “had” its becomes de-stabilizing and confusing as to how to react when the act of infringement seems for a purpose. The broad base of consumers in America hate her, she can yuck it up to as many excuses as deemed possible……………111.3 million people watched Superbowl and the single sold only 100,000 copies, which means 1% bought her single, in order for 10% of consumers to have shown interest in her she would have to sold 11 million copies, obviously she is more impressive to herself and allies in the recording business then to average consumers.

  • C-C

    the term is called “fragmented literal similarity” its a form of claim in an infringement case where only parts were copied or plagiarized, Madonna if she loved all the people she steals from would pay them and ask permission to use their work as obviously money in the end is what she gains aside from notoriety and she needs this in order to prove her ability to do business with specific people in the music industry, any person with integrity would promote a single they like and not steal from it, its a sign of respect, she has none.
    here is a link to the web blog which shows just how many artists and works Madonna has ripped off over the past decades

  • Derrick Kardos

    im a fan of madonna even though i know she’s a stone cold bitch who i’d probably hate in real life!
    kier is totally right! you don’t have to be a madonna-hater to admit it. madonna lifts a lot from a lot of people – she just hides it better than lady whorega. they’re both thiefs, madonna is just a 1000x times better one!
    And Kier is great! one thing Kier has that Madonna and Gags dont have is INTEGRITY.
    Shading Kier is immature, she’s only speaking the truth.