Is This Katy Perry Shooting Her “Part Of Me” Music Video?

Is Katy Perry enlisting America’s armed forces for her “Part Of Me” music video? The Grammy performer was spotted at the Camp Pendleton military base in Southern California, sporting a cropped, dark hairdo and Marine Corps cammies. Though there’s been no official confirmation that the Teenage Dream is shooting the video for her latest single, the soldier theme seems fitting, given the song’s lyrics: “Throw your sticks and stones/Throw your bombs and your blows”.

Considering the pop star’s girly nature, love for the ’80s and her keen sense of humor, we’re surprised Katy didn’t go with more of an ode to the Goldie Hawn comedy Private Benjamin.

katy perry part of me music video shoot

It looks like we can expect another nighttime pool scene.


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  • dione


  • Kassi

    Just an FYI- It’s MARINE CORPS CAMMIES, not Army Fatigues. There’s a difference between the Marine Corps and the Army. Marines belong to to the Marine Corps and Soldiers are Army. Camp Pendleton is a MARINE base.

  • Emily Ates Shavnore

    Wow way to disrespect the Marine Coprs by calling them soldiers. Educate yourself before you write an article on our US military.

    • Idolator Staff

      Hey folks, we’ve updated the post to clarify the distinctions. Thanks for those notes.

  • J

    I’m sure the video will be cool, but just so that young American girls don’t get the wrong idea… DO NOT join the Marine Corps in an attempt to get over a relationship.