Watch Aretha Franklin Sing In Tribute To Whitney Houston

Leg spasms and muscle pain might have kept Aretha Franklin from attending Whitney Houston’s funeral yesterday. However, that didn’t mean that the Queen of Soul forgot about her goddaughter’s memory. On the night before Houston’s funeral, Franklin made not one, but two, touching tributes to the late singer. Franklin performed “I Will Always Love You” as well as “The Greatest Love of All” in honor of Houston, who she fondly called “Nippy.” Watch them below.

“Remember the hits and forget the misses,” Franklin told the crowd who met with her rounds of applause. “I’ll always look back and remember her singing, ‘I Will Always Love You.’”

Aretha Franklin – “I Will Always Love You”

Aretha Franklin – “The Greatest Love of All”

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  • Ryan Healey

    When your Goddaughter’s funeral is about to be held the next day, it’s not very smart to tax your body at 69 with a concert the night before causing you to have “Leg spasms and muscle pain” so you miss her funeral. Ms. Franklin should have been resting for the service the next day and if she found she found performing a concert the night before made it difficult to walk into the funeral… I would have arrived in a wheelchair before I called in sick. I was stunned she could not even make an appearance at Whitney’s funeral. Now that I see she wore herself out performing the night before. shame on her.

  • Zaidi

    I’m assuming she was on tour, meaning an obligation to perform,, and included a tribute to her god-daughter while doing so; and that it was the tour, not the tribute, that wore her out.

  • lola

    Sadly, Ryan, you weren’t invited, nor were you on tour, asked to perform, etc, so your entire point of what you would have done is moot.

  • Vacationrental Lake Vacations

    yes.Ryan was not invited…But most things is for us. We will not watch her live again…God Bless Her Soul.

  • harry

    Aretha had this show planned for months before Whitney died. Scheduling a tour doesn’t happen overnight. The show got out close to 11pm, and she had another one scheduled the very next night. As you probably know, Whitney’s service lasted almost 4 hours and would’ve taken up the majority of the morning and the afternoon. Aretha would have had to leave at least an hour early from the service, after being shuttled to New Jersey early in the morning. Also, she’s 69. She’s not a workhorse like Rihanna. She needs her rest, and couldn’t keep that kind of schedule If you had seen the show, you would’ve seen how generous and respectful Aretha was to Whitney’s legacy and memory. Shame on you for not giving The Queen the benefit of the doubt.