Chris Brown And Wrestler CM Punk Launch Twitter War

We think it’s about time Chris Brown gave up Twitter once and for all, because his actions on the social networking site continues to dig his professional grave deeper and deeper. There were those homophobic remarks, then his Grammy boast used to diss his haters, and now the singer-dancer-controversy-seeker is in the middle of a Twitter fight with professional wrestler CM Punk.

The WWE champion began the beef with Brown when he tweeted, “I would like @chrisbrown fight somebody that can defend themselves. Me curb stomping that turd would be a #wrestlemania moment.”

Breezy wouldn’t let that comment go down without responding. “Positivity regardless of how u feel! @CMpunk contact my assistant and I’ll have em send u an autographed pic for my biggest FAN!!!”

But he couldn’t stop there. In a tweet (which has since been deleted), Brown wrote, “@CMpunk needs more followers. He’s such a leader! not to mention the roids he’s on has made it utterly impossible for him pleasure a woman.”

Instead of shooting back similarly immature tweets criticizing Chris’ manhood, CM Punk released the following video, under the headline “This Must Be Said”:

Here’s the transcription:

I never meant to include Chris Brown’s name in one of my tweets for publicity. Now that he’s accusing me of using steroids please allow me to retort.

I’m a life-long, proud, drug-free straight-edge individual. So Chris and I come from two completely different worlds. I don’t have a manager, bodyguard, assistant, or a PR team to tell me when to Tweet or to delete Tweets. And I don’t hit women. Period.

In my world women are meant to be revered and respected, and I firmly believe that in this life there are consequences and repercussions for people’s actions and I think Chris Brown hasn’t paid for what he’s done. Picking up trash on the side of a highway does not make amends for repeatedly striking a woman to her face and sending her to a hospital.

So, Chris wants to throw stones my way now and I say that’s fine, but I say put some gloves on in the ring and I will choke you out and make you feel as weak and as powerless and scared and alone as any woman has had the misfortune of knowing any sad cowardly little boy as yourself. And all proceeds can go to a woman’s charity of my choosing. If you want to pick up more trash on the side of the highway to make some amends, you should donate some more time, maybe tell kids exactly what you did isn’t right. But I’m also a realist, and I know none of these things will happen because Chris Brown isn’t a man.”

To which Brown responded with the following set of Tweets:
Since launching this rant, Brown has tweeted, “Today will be the last day I bring @cmpunk existence up! The confrontations that people continuously bring my way are very amusing. Cuz honestly, that shit is too time consuming to argue wit every person who has their own issues to deal with!”

That is a brilliant idea, Chris. We wish you would have done that from the beginning.

[Via Buzzfeed]

  • Goki

    LOL I actually would love to see a fight between them though this wrestler should know Chris is trained in some martial arts and won’t be an easy take down.

    His actions on twitter and the media are repulsive and he can’t control his anger which is sad I honestly still haven’t forgiven him for what he did to Rhianna it was way to soon to see him perform at the Grammys.

    But like every other artist who does something horrible all you got to do is make a hit song and everyone forgets.

    • Trace

      This wrestler is named CM Punk, who has trained in MMA and Kick boxing. He is World Champion in the top wrestling company in the world and has been for almost a year now

      • jam

        Top wrestling company? Its all fake so what exactly is he top of?

        • MrDude

          The story lines and matches may be scripted, but that doesn’t mean the wrestlers themselves don’t know what they’re doing. The physicality of the sport is very real, and if CM Punk and Chris Brown were to ever cross paths, I firmly believe that Chris Brown would be pissing in his designer jeans before Punk even lays a hand on him.

  • Justin M.

    I am so tired of Chris Brown. Can you just go away, please?

  • Chris

    Well Chris should know that “this wrestler” is trained in MMA, Muay Thai, Jujitsu, and is just a flat out badass. He would destroy Chris Brown in a matter of seconds. Just because WWE is entertainment doesn’t mean a lot of these guys don’t know how to kick somebody’s @$$.

  • J-T

    I’m just going to say that both sides were wrong in this position.

    Chris really needs to take a break from twitter for a while, even though his tweets have gotten more….toned down, so I can commend him for that. Either way, he needs to learn not to care about what others think of him. He still has much more to learn in the maturity department.

    On the other side of the fence, CM Punk, or a 33 year old, was as immature as Chris. Really immature since CM Punk, after starting the dispute, let a 22 year old press his buttons. Besides, he needs to worry about his own career than someone else’s.

  • Ed G.

    Sure Chris is trained in some martial arts, but Punk is a black belt in Muay Thai and alot of other arts , and is trained in MMA as well. Brown would be destroyed.

  • Junior

    Punk could kill him instantly. Period.

  • Allysa

    I’d love to see Punk kick that little p**cks a**. Now that’s entertainment

  • MissMoey

    He started this whole thing and now acts all defensive
    For all we know he could be a women beater himself, his life is not in the lime light
    WWE also has men beating up women in the process
    This “saint wanna be” mustn’t use other poeples weaknesses for his Poor “PR ”
    If he wants to be known…he mus go back to ring and fight and leave singers alone

    • Sam

      No… whenever a woman is hit by a man in the WWE, it comes as a shock or villianous move, same as the elderly being struck. Also, it is staged, and they know what they are doing and have planned it.

      Chris Brown severly injured a woman in a blind rage. It wasn’t planned, she couldn’t prepare for it. Don’t draw comparison.

  • sassafrass

    ugh go away forever chris brow

  • ravoe

    some of the comments on wow
    1st..No it’s never okay for anyone to beat on anyone!
    2nd..No one else has to forgive him but rihanna and her family..because he didnt beat on anyone else!
    3rd..If you dont like Chris then avoid talking about duhh… get a life and talk about things that are positive instead of wasting your time talking about some one you dislike :)
    Lastly, if you’re wanting him to get physically punished for what he did, then u need to also talk about the millions of men (and women) before him and after him (all over the world) that have commited the crime of domestic violence….goodbye :)

  • http://yahoo bob

    I know who CM Punk is but who is Chris Brown?

  • jimena

    hella gay…well maybe chris brown should also b trained to act like a man not hitting women comes in mind

  • Liveurlife Thisyear

    CHRIS BROWN is not a controversy seeker. He is on Twitter to communicate with his millions of fans and he and them are targeted. The court did not condemn him to not using twitter to interact with his fans. AS Chris said this punk is not GOD, both he and HILLY Lambert both used Chris to promote themselves. They both incite their racist followers to violence and evil but I don’t hear you sayin’ they should be removed from twitter. YOU the white media does not report how Chris, his MOM, and his fans have been subjected to WHITE EVIL for 3yrs. and counting. This sicko looks like he would have to pay women a lot of money to be with him or put them in one of his wrestling holds. He tweeted that statement to Chris who has a large female fanbase but he respects women right!!!

    • kijihj

      he dataing lita by the way. but what u said is stupid he should have freedom of speech.

  • #aintnowomenbeater

    This is what gonna happen if CMPunk goes against Chris Brown at Wrestlemania 28 #aintnowomanbeater

  • Ciara

    This wrestler is trained several martial arts and is the current WWE champion. Now tell me, how long would it take for him to take down Chris?

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