‘National Enquirer’ Publishes Whitney Houston’s Open Casket Photo

Though Whitney Houston’s millions of fans around the globe were invited to take part in the singer’s “home going” service by watching the event on television and online, there are some things that should be kept private. Case in point: the National Enquirer — who previously staged Whitney’s final moments in an utterly disgusting move — reach a new low by posting a photo of Houston laying in her casket on the cover of their magazine. The mag claims the photo was taken at the Whigham Funeral Home in New Jersey, not at the church where the funeral service was held.

If you’re feeling extra morbid right now, you can head over to ONTD to see the photo. If you’re not, we’ll just say it shows Houston lying in a gold casket, wearing a purple dress, a diamond brooch and earrings. The magazine hasn’t explained how or when the photo was taken, but says the superstar was buried wearing $500,000 worth of jewelry and gold slippers.

And stay classy, National Enquirer. (The condemnations of the Enquirer‘s Houston photo have officially begun).