‘National Enquirer’ Publishes Whitney Houston’s Open Casket Photo

Though Whitney Houston’s millions of fans around the globe were invited to take part in the singer’s “home going” service by watching the event on television and online, there are some things that should be kept private. Case in point: the National Enquirer — who previously staged Whitney’s final moments in an utterly disgusting move — reach a new low by posting a photo of Houston laying in her casket on the cover of their magazine. The mag claims the photo was taken at the Whigham Funeral Home in New Jersey, not at the church where the funeral service was held.

If you’re feeling extra morbid right now, you can head over to ONTD to see the photo. If you’re not, we’ll just say it shows Houston lying in a gold casket, wearing a purple dress, a diamond brooch and earrings. The magazine hasn’t explained how or when the photo was taken, but says the superstar was buried wearing $500,000 worth of jewelry and gold slippers.

And stay classy, National Enquirer. (The condemnations of the Enquirer‘s Houston photo have officially begun).

  • Jack Stewart

    Enough of this…there are thousands of people dying fighting for America, facing unbelievable horrors and excruciating pain fighting for our country. What has she done for humanity apart from throwing away all that fame, fortune, privilege and good luck given to her on a silver platter? She wasted all that and paid for it. She partied, drank, and shot up – did this rich woman help anyone else? Save the sobbing for another day!

  • Phylis

    Although she had her challenges she did a lot of good she donated to several charities and she was kind to others. You really have a nerve unless you have walked in he shoes you don’t have the right to judge her.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Christopher-Koulouris/600917206 Christopher Koulouris

    Aren’t you glad some sleazy magazine will always figure how to get its hands on the most private moments imaginable to grieving friends and relatives and somehow manage to bring the joy a few bucks away from your doorstep. Maybe one day if you happen to be an important person you too can hope to see your pitiless soul sunbathing in front of a lap dancing public hungry to get whatever last glimpse they can of you.

    Isn’t it time you became a celebrity too?


  • Candy Rabbitt

    Regardless of what you think of her she was only human. Blame media and direct your anger at a business that has made this kind of thing food for people with too much time on their hands and a morbid curiosity that makes them crave every horrible detail. Whitney Houston was a daughter, a mother and a loved one. It is sad to see anyone rich or poor meet this kind of end. It’s even sadder that we as a culture embrace the ambulance chasing mentality that makes such news big business and big money. My heart goes out to Bobbi Christina, shes the true victim of this whole fiasco.

  • me

    She didn’t rape any children or murder innocent civilians to steal their oil though, did she. you idiot.

  • http://yahoo7 amy rychlewski

    its dusgusting u know to see that photo of great pop singer of all time that someone could do that whitney wouldnt of wanted that and who ever did it has no time but to do that the only one that should of viewed anything was the family and let the grieve in peace especially her daughter my heart and prayers go out her having her being gone she will always remember her by heart pls that photo should not of been taken for the public to see but i guess u have nothing better to with ur time but pls remember that whitney will always be knowen as a great singer to all and we will dearly miss her now and forvere rest in peace whitney

  • Aaron Woods

    buried with $500,000 in jewelry and gold slippers????..what a selfish moron.she had 15 minutes of fame,then milked it for the rest of her time as a drug addict..she could have at the very least left that money to a rehab centre or homeless kids or something of that nature,but like a typical “star”,would prefer people to cry over her gold encrusted coffin!!..what good thing,or legacy did she leave behind?..get rich,do drugs until they kill you,then be buried in a gold coffin???..that will shelter the homeless,feed the starving kids,save the world..another million people like her and we will be in great shape!!..what a joke.

  • bobbybbrown

    oh she is so pretty in death. i miss u .

    bobby brown.

  • Jelson

    Did Whitney Houston pick her own coffin? Did she buy her slippers? Did she place the jewellry on her side table requesting that it be put on? Also do you know exactly what or where “the millions of Dollars” she made with her career singing her soul out to entertain others has really gone. Please tell me what the neck you expect the dead to do? It was her money to do as se pleases, Are you living somewhere? well if you are, give up your home to help others and live in a tent or better still a card box and you would have paid your debt to society. There are many who are still rich and don’t give a dime or a pound to anything or anyone. Encourage the living to do more and stop gassing at the ones who are already dead you weirdo.

  • http://msn.com Marie

    To “Me”….Your’re the IDIOT!!!! Thousands of our military are over there in war zones losing their lives and limbs to protect a jackass like you. Get informed in regards to world events and the wars that are going on and shut your mouth until you have an educated perspective,

  • http://www.theman.com johndoe

    There are thousands of people fighting in Irag, not for our freedom, but for oil. Get that straight

  • http://www.theman.com johndoe

    there are thousands of people fighting in Irag for oil, not our freedo

  • Pony440

    Glad to see she’s still dead!. I heard that Christie and Jesse Jackson were going to have her status elevated to saint. pfffffft So glad she didnt get resurrected.