Cady Groves & Hot Chelle Rae On Shania Twain, Karoake And Beach Balls: Favorites

Favorites is our recurring video series on the personal preferences of the pop artists who inspire us. Because the artists we love love stuff too.

“This Little Girl” songstress Cady Groves is about to wrap up her North American trek with “Tonight, Tonight” pop-rockers Hot Chelle Rae, and while they were on the road together we thought it would be great fun to sit them all down and prod them on what some of their favorite things are. Little did we know we’d be hearing about the Shania Twain back catalog, offbeat pronunciations of “salmon” and “filet mignon” and — yikes! — Cady’s first sexual experience via a beach ball at a Styx concert. (No, we’re not kidding.) Watch our exclusive video from when this meeting of the pop minds happened below.

During their sitdown, Cady and the guys from Hot Chelle Rae elaborated on their favorite foods and favorite songs to cover (both in concert and at karoake), and they slightly disagreed on the cheesiness of NSYNC’s 2000 hit “Bye Bye Bye”.

And then there was the moment Cady hit us with this bit of info, while discussing the first concert she ever went to: “Styx! And I fell in love with [guitarist] Tommy Shaw. Oh my gosh! I fell so hard for him.” We’ll just let her do the talking in the video above about the beach ball incident.

Do you share any favorite things with Cady Groves or HCR? Have any of your own you want to share? Who else do you want to see talk about their Favorites? Let us know what you think in the comments below!