Kylie Minogue Says New Album Should Be Ready For A 2013 Release

BRITs presenter Kylie Minogue is celebrating her 25th year in the music business by unveiling orchestral, re-worked versions of her old material. But it turns out she’s also looking ahead to her proper follow-up to 2010 album Aphrodite. “I have started on new music already. It should be ready for 2013,” Minogue told UK publication Metro, adding that the music will be “exciting and different.” She wouldn’t elaborate on what producers and songwriters she’s working with, but Kylie did say that “it’s a few different people.” She’s apparently been recording the new tunes at London’s Abbey Road studios, where she also whipped up the new versions of her old hits last fall. Excited, Kylie fans?

  • marcin

    I’m so excited!!! But it’s such a long time :/

  • Justin M.

    CAN NOT FLIPPIN’ WAIT! I’m a bit disappointed though….I was hoping it would be coming out this year with it being her 25 year celebration and all. Ah well. Kylie is well worth the wait.

  • Sylvain

    Excited ? Damn yeah !

  • nano


  • MJforever

    I just hope that the US finally learns to fully appreciate this great master in music!

  • Gustivo

    I’m going to get a new single “Time Bomb” from Itune. Woo Hooooo