The-Dream’s Old-School “Roc” Video: Watch

The-Dream was clearly in a DIY, old-school mood when he shot the video for “Roc”, a new slow jam set to appear on his upcoming LP Love IV MMXII. The clip shows Mr. Terius Nash hanging at a house party, playing cards and rocking the foosball with his pals. “I just wanted to have fun and go back to those 90s videos where it’s always like you got the camera for the first time,” he tells Billboard. “Like, ‘Oh shit! Let’s just shoot this shit! Let’s see what happens!’The-Dream — “Roc”

True, “Roc” looks like a video shot on a budget, but the visuals totally fit with the laid-back vibe of the song. After all, it’s not like The-Dream is hurting for cash these days, with all that “Umbrella” cash he amassed.

And besides, we’d much rather watch this again and again than hear that Chris Brown mix of Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake”, a track Nash also produced.