Nicki Minaj Aims And Fires On “Roman Reloaded”: Listen

Feb 23rd, 2012 // 2 Comments

“Roman Reloaded” may be the title track of her supposedly finished next album, but Nicki Minaj spends a lot of time referencing the not-too-distant past on the gun-happy banger. “You mad because I’m at the Grammys with the Vatican,” Nicki spits over the sound of shots and hard-crashing drums. Minaj then name-drops MTV’s Hottest MC list, on which she ranked fourth just last week. Her lyrical timeliness has us wondering how long ago the track was recorded — or if Nicki is a psychic.

Her Young Money co-star Lil Wayne shows up on the second half of the track for a verse that makes rapid-fire use of the word “Bang” in the same way Big Sean directed our attention to some lovely lady’s “A$$”.

Nicki Minaj ft. Lil Wayne, “Roman Reloaded”

Though Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded won’t be in stores until April 3, we’ve already gotten a big ol’ sampler platter of tracks, including the spacey “Starships“, the pop-friendly Dr. Luke confection “Young Forever“, the blond-ly ambitious “Marilyn Monroe” and, of course, the seizure-inducing sh*t-talker, “Stupid Hoe” — not to mention “Roman’s Holiday”, courtesy of one exorcism-themed Grammys performance.

Check out the lyrics to Nicki’s “Roman Reloaded” at Direct Lyrics.

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  1. Jj

    Like this! Also, she mentions her spot in the Hottest MC’s list. More proof she’s a psychic.

  2. Don’t forget about Roman in Moscow. lol Idk about this album. I love Marilyn Monroe and Starships. Roman reloaded is alright too but as a whole, I’m not too sure about this album.

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